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Safety for Children & Teens:

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church maintains a Sexual Misconduct & Child Protection Policy designed to assure the safety of all children and youth when they participate in any church class or activity. This policy applies to all employees and volunteers of the church and it provides an avenue to report policy violations. If you wish to read this document, a link have been provided at the bottom of this page.

Our nursery is located on the lower level of Heritage Hall intentionally to keep it far from exit doors. When renovations of Heritage Hall are complete in 2021, the nursery will be re-located to another room, also on our lower level.

Our nursery personnel are trained childcare professionals who care for infants and toddlers, should parents wish to have an hour of relief to attend worship.

Lewinsville also participates in the Protect My Ministry program which requires all church employees, leadership, teachers, and volunteers to undergo a background check every five years. Included in this service are searches in the National Criminal Database Search, the National Sex Offender Registry, SSN Verification and Address History Trace, Automatic Maiden/Alias Name Search, Automatic Re-Verification of Records and Possible Records. Over 20,000 churches and youth-serving organizations use this service. For more information about Protect My Ministry, visit

Safety and Security for our Campus:

Two Lewinsville church leaders (one Session member and one Deacon) who are “on duty” each Sunday during our church services. They manage the church office, answer phones, provide assistance and directions as needed, and are on-call to summon police, ambulance or fire department quickly should the need arise. Lewinsville’s central location is close to both the police and fire stations in McLean.

Our Duty Elders and Deacons also watch for suspicious activity and are trained to contact authorities whenever they feel assistance is needed. They work closely with our Usher Teams who are the first responders for any assistance needed during a worship service.

With our expected building renovations in 2020 and 2021, we will be adding security cameras at every entrance, enhancing communication between classrooms and the church office, and upgrading our key system for all outside entrances.

The members of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church place high priority on the maintenance of a safe and secure environment for the participation of children in church activities and for all our members when they are on our campus.

If you have questions about safety and security, please contact the church office during normal business hours at 703-356-7200.

DOWNLOAD/VIEW our Sexual Misconduct & Child Protection Policy
DOWNLOAD/VIEW our Child Protection Policy Brochure