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Saturday, March 12

Psalm 143

Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness.


A prayer for help from God – Teach me to do Your will…

Decisions, decisions…we casually say or hear this phrase, but what does it really mean. How do we make decisions that will help us do God’s will?  Today’s world offers an abundance of opportunities and choices to make. At times, our decisions may be choosing between right and wrong. Other times, our decisions may be choosing between doing something or doing nothing at all.  When to say “yes,” when to say “no,” when to invite others into our lives, when to invite ourselves into the lives of others.  Do we take the risk of taking on a new task full of uncertainty but offering the opportunity to help others?  Do we volunteer for another committee to help others when we feel are already stretched to our limit?

In some cases, God’s will may seem clear and easy to follow. In others, we may be confused or perplexed as to what is God’s will. God’s plan and timing may not be the same as our desires. These are tough situations…where do we go for help in making the right decisions?

The theme of this year’s devotion focuses on the Spirituality of the Psalms and it presents a wonderful opportunity to remind us of the significance in Psalms in our lives of faith. During this time of Lent, let Psalms 143 remind us of the opportunity and power of praying to God for help…a prayer to ask God to teach us to do His will as we live our lives.


Dear God, as we are faced with many choices and paths to take, please teach and guide us to do your will.  Help us to understand and give us the strength to follow your guidance. Give us the patience  to wait for the things you have planned.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Sharon Gamble