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Saturday, March 9 – It is easy to ignore the needs around us

Psalm readings 43 and 31
Genesis 47-48
1 Cor. 10
Mark 7 (NRSVUE)

Then he called the crowd again and said to them, “Listen to me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile.”


As I approach this submission this year I come to the same labor as the years before. I read the passages, and nothing clicks. Where is the inspiration to select something that ties to Love for one another… through hospitality and service (our theme this year)?

The Psalm readings are the writer’s pleading for God to provide guidance and sanctuary. The Genesis story is of Jacob and his kindness to his father and brothers upon their arrival in Egypt after the harsh treatment of him in earlier days. Corinthians calls us to stand firm in Christ and Mark tells of the Pharisees living life according to rules and rituals, raising concerns of unclean eating; however, Jesus explains to them that living restrained by rules of unclean eating is not as important as what they say and do by their actions.

I struggled through the scriptures two or three times and then (with divine inspiration) I hit on key words from each reading, and it came together for me. The words are sanctuary, kindness, resist temptation, and know the importance of what you say and do. The way in which we can demonstrate our “Love for one another” is to not turn away and ignore the needs of others in our lives and community but to give sanctuary toour neighbors and friends, to listen to their stories, give a home to their concerns in our hearts, and to welcome them to our church home.

We too can show kindness to those who have hurt or offended us in the past; forgiveness is a gift. Resist temptation to ignore, look away, or tune out those who would welcome your attention. Perhaps most remember that what we say and do speaks volumes about our spiritual life. Demonstrate your understanding of what God calls us to do by living a life of faith and action, look for ways to provide hospitality and serve to others. Lewinsville Church provides a vast array of opportunities— make it a season of resolution, and don’t give up something for Lent, do something for Lent. Bring hospitality and serve into your love for one another.


Peace be with you, be attentive to God’s leading. Be open to the call to provide sanctuary, show kindness, resist temptation, and live life through words and actions that show others that you live a life of faith and good deeds. As we move forward to Easter 2024 take time to listen and you will be surprised and enriched by the leading of our Lord. Amen.

Bob Clark