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Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has an opening for an A/V Production Manager.

A/V Production Manager will have principal responsibility for livestreaming the Sunday worship service to Vimeo with simulcasts to YouTube and Phone LiveStreaming.  The Manager will be working with a volunteer team to handle all lighting, sound and video production elements.

Periodically, the Manager may be asked to be available to handle production elements at concerts, weddings, memorial services, lectures and other special events. Aware that we are describing a part-time job, personal schedules will be taken into account when such requests are made.

Time Commitment:
Two hours to two and one-half hours are usually needed on Sunday mornings, usually from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm. Again, the Manager will be working with a team of rotating volunteers who will share duties but will not have principal responsibility for the overall production.

Skills required:
Solid fundamentals of video production are required. The Manager will be working with Studio Six production software, and utilize a LiveTrak L-20 audio mixer for sound.  The Manager will have three cameras to coordinate. Demonstrated skill in the creative use of multi-cameras will be an important consideration. Candidates are not expected to be proficient in video editing but such skills would be of added value to Lewinsville.


College or Graduate degree.  Experience in movie production or live stream production helpful.

We are offering a project rate of $125 per Sunday to be paid monthly.  For extra events as described above, we offer an hourly rate of $50 per hour.

To Apply:
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