GET CONNECTED with our CHURCH FAMILY … responding to human need

Stewardship/Commitment Sunday will be October 25th this year.

Because we cannot worship together in person due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we plan to celebrate Stewardship Sunday on video showing photos of our members holding a sign with a few words about why they pledge. Reasons can be (and for sign purposes should be) very simple and short.

We’ve put together a few suggestions for you …. but FEEL FREE to come up with your own reason:

  1. to support our community
  2. because of God’s love
  3. because I believe in LPC’s ministry
  4. because I love our church
  5. to give back to God
  6. to reach out to those in need
  7. [your own words!]

You can make your own sign, or use one of our pre-formatted sign for you to fill in:

Please take a photo of yourself or you and your family holding a sign and send in actual/original size (or the largest size possible) to Bettie McElroy ( no later than Thursday, October 22nd at NOON.