June 24 to June 30

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DAY SEVEN – Saturday, June 30, 2018 (Departure Day)

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No journal today, but be sure to attend worship on Sunday, July 1st to hear about experiences during the week and reflections on their work and mission.








DAY SIX – Friday, June 29, 2018

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[More photos will be posted Saturday morning!]

Our final day on the worksite could not have gone any better! Most ceilings are complete in the renovated house and we also tackled some paint removal on the porches there today as well.

At the new homes we reinforced the two back decks, dug a drainage ditch and started facade masonry.

The local Bojangles brought lunch to the site for everyone and then the Habitat board treated us to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We ate very well today and will miss all of our new friends!

We look forward to sharing our experiences from this week with the congregation in worship on Sunday morning. Please join us!



DAY FIVE – Thursday, June 28, 2018

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Work day #4 was sunny and warm. The drywall on the main floor is now complete in the renovated house as are both decks on the new homes. We also dug a sewer trench and started a drainage trench at the new houses.

The orange team made dinner tonight – “Night of a Thousand Foods” – or more commonly known as leftovers! Paul Orlando and Mary Frase went to the Shakespeare Theater after dinner so we delayed devotions until tomorrow night. The rest of the group enjoyed the evening outside playing frisbee then inside playing chicken foot (dominoes).

It’s hard to believe our week together is almost over.

DAY FOUR – Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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Wednesdays are traditionally tough on SMP – everyone is starting to get a little tired, some are getting a little homesick, and the tasks are beginning to feel tedious. Not this year! We awoke to blue skies and cool temperatures – not the rain we were expecting – which started the day off right. At the worksite, we intentionally shifted folks around so that they could do something new if they wanted. More drywall ceilings were hung in the renovated house and another deck was started on the second new build home. Paul and Ted spent most of their day dismantling a greenhouse which a neighbor nearby was donating to Habitat. And for the second straight day, Mary and Gary sanded baseboards. Gary says they “are one with the boards” now!

The green team cooked a feast of fajitas and 7-layer salad. And LB’s Aunt and Uncle from Weyers Cave nearby dropped by for a visit with some delicious brownies!

The blue team led devotions with a discussion about stepping out of our comfort zone knowing God is there to catch us when we stumble.

DAY THREE – Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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Work day #2 in Staunton was cool and cloudy, but dry! We continued our drywall work in the renovated house, finishing the walls on the main floor and one bedroom ceiling upstairs. We also wrapped all of the inside pipes with insulation today. The deck crew continued their work on the new builds. It’s slow work, but we’re seeing progress and having a lot of fun!

Tonight’s dinner was grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken provided by the purple team. And devotions were led by the orange team, continuing our discussion about taking risks with a leap of faith.

Hopefully the weather report is wrong about the rain tomorrow…

DAY TWO – Monday, June 25, 2018

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Day 1 on the worksite was very productive. The Habitat team is very organized and there is plenty of work to do. About 14 of us worked in a 120 year old home that is being renovated. Some of us worked upstairs installing drywall on the bedroom ceilings. The others installed drywall on the first floor walls. The balance of our group leveled dirt behind a new home down the street in preparation for a deck, which they actually began building after lunch.

After refreshing showers at the YMCA, the blue team cooked a delicious pasta dinner and the green team led devotions, beginning our week’s theme of the power of God’s role in taking risks.

DAY ONE – Commissioning & Departure Day – Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Following the commissioning service at Lewinsville, we headed south on 81 towards our home for the week in Staunton. Despite a few rain showers along the way, we arrived at Covenant Presbyterian where we were greeted warmly by the pastor and given a tour of their spectacular campus – definitely the best accommodations in all our 29 years! The Church was built in 1962 but built an addition in 2000 which includes a large gym and kitchen which we will make good use of all week.

After a quick trip to Food Lion for essentials the group enjoyed a delicious dinner in downtown Staunton at Shenandoah Pizza. We wrapped up the evening back at the church with a fun name game and devotions.

We are looking forward to a good night’s rest and a productive first day at the worksite tomorrow.


Kiley Mabus
Meredith Krieg
Katie Schwabach (Driver)
Doug Smith
Gary Eames

Kelly Hager
Lucy Gunter
Siobhan Grayson (Driver)
Paul Orlando
John Nothaft (leaving Tuesday evening)
Jane Neldon (leaving Wednesday evening)

Brenden Mabus
Linda Bender (Driver)
Mary Frase
Anne Seehaver (leaving Tuesday evening)
Laurin Weston (leaving Wednesday evening)
Alice Neldon (leaving Wednesday evening)
Lindsay Trout (leaving Wednesday evening)
Evan Ayars (arriving Thursday evening)

Teddy Baker
Maia Foster (arriving Wednesday evening)
Clare McConnell (leaving Monday evening)
Steven Trout (Driver)
Anne Krieg
Mary Eames
Lizzy Steel (arriving Monday morning)

RED TEAM (all Friday only):
Patty Marbury
Natalie Marbury
Tony Marbury