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Summer Mission Project 2019

June 23 to June 29, 2019
Hartsville, South Carolina

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DAY FIVE – Friday, June 28, 2019

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Friday Journal:  WHAT A WEEK! We left the worksite today with the house completely covered in plywood, ready for inspection and then a roof! Knowing we wouldn’t be spending money on dinner tonight (see yesterday’s post), we used those funds to purchase a Lowe’s gift card for the homeowner so she could purchase what she needed when it was time to move in. We also added our names and hand prints to the front wall so that we would always be part of her home and community.

Westwood Barbeque was a perfect spot to celebrate our productive week in Hartsville and our table of 25, all dressed in the same Habitat t-shirt attracted quite a bit of attention – all good!

We concluded devotions tonight talking about the moments throughout the week which impacted us the most. We look forward to sharing those moments with you in worship on Sunday morning.

Headed home in the morning!

DAY FOUR – Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Thursday Journal: Another productive day! The Habitat Executive Director told us in the morning that they wanted all of us to focus on the first work site today – and focus we did. The final exterior wall went up within the first hour and all but a few interior closet walls were left to finish when we departed in the afternoon!

Devotions tonight centered on community and the various attributes we see in the communities we are all a part. We will be sad to leave the community of Hartsville on Saturday for sure. Everyone we’ve come in contact here this week has been generous, kind and helpful. Tonight a church member brought us a large box of hand picked peaches! And earlier today, Paul Orlando’s interaction at the local Urgent Care (he’s fine – just a few stitches!) resulted in the Head nurse offering to buy our dinner tomorrow night to thank us for our work this week in her town.

DAY THREE – Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Wednesday Journal: Wednesday can often be a tough day on Summer Mission Project – two full days of hard work in the hot sun with few of the comforts from home take their toll. But you wouldn’t have known it was Wednesday on today’s worksite. We split into two groups again today and left with 3 exterior walls up AT BOTH SITES! Lunch was provided by a generous Domino’s manager who had driven by one of the work sites yesterday and asked the Habitat supervisor if he could show his appreciation to our team by bringing us pizza. That generosity continued after dinner when Paul took our entire group to Sonic for dessert!

During devotions tonight, we explored the connection between homes and friendship. Siobhan put it best when she said that we weren’t just building houses; by sharing our faith with the homeowners through our service, we were truly building homes for them.

We said goodbye to Katie Gamble this morning who had to fly home for work – our group is incomplete without her but we are glad she was able to be with us for a few days. Fortunately, we were able to get a photo of the Pink Team before she left! We also took a photo of the Purple Team tonight, as Mark Williams has to leave us tomorrow after lunch.

DAY TWO – Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Tuesday Journal: Another great day! We spent the morning finishing the floor joists at 141 Pleasant Lane. Bob and Helen Ross drove from Charleston with a delicious lunch for all.  It was great to see them and the food was very much appreciated! The inspector showed up while we were eating and approved our work, so half of the crew installed the subfloor sheathing after lunch. The other half moved down the block and began building walls at 104 Hampton, another Habitat site. They were able to get one completely built and up before we all quit for the day.

It was a typical hot and humid day in South Carolina but we were thrilled with all we accomplished. We were also glad to work side by side with the homeowner and her son again; she is a hard worker and has a strong faith.

Tonight’s devotion centered around “building up and breaking through”. We discussed various barriers – in our own lives, on the work site, and what the future home owners might experience. God continues to keep us safe and we are finding awe and wonder in all we’re doing.

DAY ONE – Monday, June 24, 2019

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Monday Journal: We’ve had a great first day on the worksite! After a good night’s rest, we loaded up the vans and made the quick 10 minute ride to 141 Pleasant Lane. Our Habitat leaders, Ben and Sam, were ready for us and quickly put us to work leveling the dirt around the outside walls. We made two trips to Lowes for more shovels and rakes so as many people as possible could help. Some folks worked with Ben and Sam to get the foundation level, and rolled out plastic to assist with future drainage and waterproofing. After lunch, we took a short two block walk to the Blitz Build home we built in 2015. We were so pleased to see that it was still standing and several fond memories of that week were shared on our way back to the current worksite.

After lunch, we started building the floor. This required lots of cutting and nailing of lumber which kept everyone busy. Ben and Sam were hoping to finish so that it could be inspected tomorrow, but unfortunately we still have a little bit to do in the morning.

Our devotions began tonight using the theme Awe and Wonder. We shared where we saw God today and all agreed he was clearly evident when we met the homeowner who will be moving into 141 Pleasant Lane. She joined us late morning and in passing conversation mentioned that she had lived and worked in Northern Virginia at some point. As it turned out, she knew a colleague of Lindsay Trout’s, who quickly connected them by phone via phone so they could catch up. It is no coincidence that we are here this week, working on this house, with this particular homeowner.

Departure Day – Sunday, June 23, 2019

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The SMP 2019 crew left the church parking lot at 9:00 am and pulled into St. Luke Methodist Church in Hartsville, South Carolina, at 4:00 pm – an easy and uneventful trip down. We got settled quickly and enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner out. Everyone will sleep well tonight and we’re looking forward to a productive first day on the worksite tomorrow!

Commissioning – Sunday, June 16, 2019

Some of our Summer Mission Project participants at the Commissioning.  Rev. Ramsey asked the children to “lay on hands” for the commissioning.


Linda Bender
Doug Smith
Gary Eames
Kelly Hager (arriving Monday)
Lena Vogel (first-time participant)

Lindsay Trout
Annamarie Groenenboom (first-time participant)
Mary Eames
Brenden Mabus
Mark Williams (leaving Thursday)
Forrest Gottke (arriving Tuesday)

Steve Trout
Evan Ayars
Mary Frase
Alice Neldon
Meredith Krieg

Siobhan Grayson
Lizzy Steel
Paul Orlando
Katie Gamble (leaving Wednesday)
Kiley Mabus
Sarah Senich (arriving Monday; first-time participant)