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Our Challenge:  A $7 Million Goal

The projected total cost of this project is substantial, but not daunting.

If we are successful in realizing our goal of $7 Million in cash and pledges over a three-year period, we will be able to complete all of the priorities determined by the congregation.  Construction will take place in a logical sequence following the success of the TRAIL BLAZER CAPITAL CAMPAIGN.

Anything less than $7 million in pledges will require the congregation to accept a delay in completing some previously determined priorities.  You can help us avoid that unpleasant task by making sure your pledge or gift is sacrificial to your personal set of circumstances.

The pledge card is the first step.  Complete it as soon as you are able.  Put the card in an envelope and place it in the collection plate or mail it to or leave it in the church office.  If you prefer, your commitment can be made online.  Of course, a visit in your home can be arranged to answer all of your questions.  Our team is ready and willing to visit at a time that accommodates your schedule.

Rest assured, the amount of your pledge will never be revealed, and all pledges will be gratefully received.

The best announcement we could make at the end of the campaign is that we reached our goal and every member of the church participated in the success of the campaign.

Cost Estimates for Consensus Priorities

In order of priorities determined by the congregation and our Building Task Force, cost estimates are:

$1,430,000 New East Parking Lot Entrance (includes 3-floor elevator)
$240,408 New Public Restrooms (lower level, main level)
$676,620 Redesign/Rebuilding Youth Center
$437,840 Heritage Hall, main floor renovation
$653,625 Heritage Hall, lower level renovation
$458,224 Main Level, refurbish meeting rooms (lobby, narthex, St. Andrews Hall)
$676,000 Site Improvements (new central AC, accessibility, paving and landscaping)
$1,844,229 Soft Costs: architect’s fee, county fees, attorney, furnishings,, contingency costs (10%)
$6,416,946 Subtotal
$7,000,000 TOTAL NEED

Additionally, if funds permit, the plan will refurbish the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and make minor changes to the Office Wing.

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