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A Message from the Building Task Force & the Capital Campaign Committee

Communities Surrounding us are Changing Rapidly – and Growing.

Tysons, our next door neighbor, is drawing thousands of new residents to the area as it moves closer and closer to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.  We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know it has never been in Lewinsville’s Christian DNA to shrink from opportunity nor shirk its obligation to fulfill the purpose for which Lewinsville was built in 1846.

The opportunity before us now, however, is not new.  It was recognized in 1989 when a major expansion and renovation was undertaken, but the opportunity to renovate and upgrade Heritage Hall was missed due to a lack of funds.  Thirty years later — and sixty years after the ground was broken for the original building — benign neglect can no longer be excused.  Redesigning and repurposing Heritage Hall — and indeed, the rest of our campus — to meet our mission in a rapidly changing world demands our urgent attention.

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The building may be “tired,” but our community of faith is vibrant and alive.  Shouldn’t our facilities match the spirit and the faith of those who gather to worship here regularly?

Over the past three years, church committees — with input from the entire congregation — have developed an ambitious master plan.  Our capital campaign will enable us to fulfill the majority of the plan’s ambition.  If the pledges received are not sufficient, we will postpone some projects, but never abandon them.  We believe the critical elements of the plan are achievable and aligned with our 2014 Strategic Plan.  Before the work is done, we will have invested in our physical space while expanding our outreach ministries.

We invite you to join our TRAIL BLAZER CAPITAL CAMPAIGN!  There is no better way to demonstrate that we are equal to the commitment of our predecessors.

Our Progress:

As of August 20, 2019, 168 pledge units have pledged $6,565,090.  The total includes a pledge from the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Foundation in the amount of $1,500,000.

Building Task Force Campaign Campaign Committee:
  • John Bowen
  • Bob Clark
  • Jim Edmondson
  • Vernon Gale
  • Michelle Gottke
  • Lori Gray
  • Pattie Gunter
  • Wendy Maiwurm
  • Roland McElroy
  • Adrian Steel
  • Jim Edmondson
  • David Foster
  • Irene Foster
  • Bob Johnson
  • Wendy Maiwurm
  • Roland McElroy
  • Allie Mendenhall
  • Roy Mitchell
  • Ryan Ramsey