Claimed …. Called …. Sent

Dear Lewinsville Friends and Fellow Trail Blazers,

We are at an exciting, important time in the life of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.  The mission of our congregation – following Jesus in being a healing agent of hospitality, mercy, and justice in our world – is as vital and essential to the well-being of our society as ever.  Our work of cultivating a congregation of joy, generosity, courage, and vitality will require the faith, love, and effort of many people.  As we lean into our mission, we will experience a variety of adventures and challenges, while building on the legacy of a congregation that has successfully faced numerous challenges before.

In 2019, we have the opportunity to begin the long overdue process of redesigning and repurposing our church facility to support, equip, and make possible the ministry of our congregation for a new generation.  I hope that you will be as excited to build this future together as I am.



Rev. Scott Ramsey

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