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When our Narthex/Church Office expansion occurred in 1989, the main entrance to our newly-joined buildings was established facing Chain Bridge Road.  But since the office area obscures our main entrance for visitors who park in the large east lot, most people who come to Lewinsville enter through the Heritage Hall entrance.  This entrance was never intended to be a main, welcoming entrance.  It is narrow and uninviting and greets visitors to the building with tight stairs closed off by double doors, and anyone visiting for the first time must find their way to the sanctuary.  This situation is not who we are at Lewinsville — a warm and welcoming community of believers.  Our plans for redesigning the building start here.

We are transforming a tired, worn out building into a modern center for welcoming, teaching, learning, counseling, mentoring, and caring for others, an environment capable of evolving quickly to meet the demands of emerging missions and ministries as they are revealed to us.

The Primary Entrance at the East Parking Lot will be new

A multi-story Rotunda will welcome all visitors to the East Entrance.  Inside, the entrance will be bathed in natural light from surrounding windows – eight feel tall.  A fully accessible elevator will guarantee ease of navigation to every level in the redesigned education building.

A Transformed & Repurposed Heritage Hall

Once inside the East Entrance, wide inviting stairs will lead to the top of a broad landing on the main level.  Visitors will find themselves in an orientation venue/lobby.  State-of-the-art video monitors will provide information on the day’s activities as well as directional guidance to classrooms and meeting rooms.  Of course, those who choose will find they have a direct path to St. Andrews Hall and the sanctuary.

St. Andrews Hall, Sanctuary & Narthex

A dramatic redesign of St. Andrews Hall will make a significant impact on the utility of the space.  The seven-foot extension toward the cemetery, while modest, will open the room to a host of new opportunities.  The kitchenette in St. Andrews Hall will be redesigned and relocated to improve service for fellowship and reception functions.

New lighting and updated A/V equipment will be installed in the sanctuary to facilitate livestreaming of Sunday worship services and enhance the quality of video recording of all events.  The narthex, lobby, and St. Andrews Hall will enjoy a complete refurbishment.  Throughout the main level of Heritage Hall, the 1961-era concrete block walls will disappear behind drywall.  New mechanical systems will be installed, including a new central air conditioning system.  New finishes, lighting and movable walls will complete the transformation of existing program space into state-of-the-art ministry space.

Redesigned and Relocated Restrooms

Spacious, accessible, central restrooms will replace the antiquated and inconveniently located restroom facilities in Heritage Hall.  The relocated facilities, accessible from the opening at right just beyond the brochure rack at the right in the rendering below, will be designed to serve worship, fellowship and classroom space.  Additional restrooms will be located directly below on the lower level, replacing the tired and worn restrooms located today between Fellowship Hall and the Music Room.

A Dedicated Youth Center

Upstairs, on the third level, the majority of the space will be come a dedicated youth center.  The rooms will be equipped with appropriate A/V technologies and a modern kitchenette adjacent to the youth gathering space.  Every well-appointed classroom will include state-of-the-art equipment.  Wi-Fi access will be assured in every room and will be universally strong throughout the building.

The Rotunda Alcove

On the third level just a few steps down the hall from the Youth Center, visitors will find the Rotunda Alcove.  This is an informal meeting area for youth, or for that matter, any group with a meeting scheduled on the third level.  The Alcove will also be a great place to host breakout groups that may be participating in a larger group activity.  The many ways this space can be used are limited only by one’s imagination.

Major Enhancements for the Nursery and Elementary Classrooms

An enlarged nursery, together with elementary grade classes will be located on the lower level.  The nursery has been intentionally located near the rear of Heritage Hall to enhance security for our young ones.  Every effort has been made to include classrooms designed to meet today’s most pressing needs and flexible enough to be adapted as classrooms evolve through the coming years.  And all have access to single-user restroom facilities adjoining the classrooms.

Memorial Gifts are available.  In response to inquiries regarding memorial opportunities in the redesigned and repurposed Heritage Hall, the Trail Blazer Capital Campaign Committee has set aside several venues for commemoration—eighteen in all. Because there are so few venues available to honor the life of a loved one, the threshold for a qualifying gift or pledge is $50,000.  To learn more and discuss, please contact the Trail Blazer Capital Campaign Chairman Roland McElroy (

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