Claimed …. Called …. Sent

“This is the Place ….”

The tie that binds us has always been strong at Lewinsville — and little wonder.

After all, this is the place where generations of Christians have been formed in a crucible of Christian learning — from the first stories of young Jesus, through confirmation classes, and beyond.

This is the place where a non-existent mission program was born in 1939 and thrives today.  Lewinsville’s mission program serves a diverse local community and supports more than one hundred mission projects across the globe.

This is the place where, in the 1970s, the idea for a retirement home for the elderly was nurtured into the reality of The Lewinsville Retirement Residence.

This is the place where Lewinsville and two other congregations came together in the 2000s to fund and build Chesterbrook Residences, an affordable assisted living facility.

Today, numerous twelve-step programs are meeting in our facilities, along with painting classes, exercise classes, and at least one garden club.  An elevator to all floors certainly will enhance the capability of physically challenged persons to participate in whatever comes next.

With the redesign and repurposing of Heritage Hall, our members are appropriately asking, “How will the new Heritage Hall serve the next generation, and through them, the wider community?  Lewinsville Christians, never timid about taking a bold step forward, have many ideas.  An after school care program (something for which our current facility is not qualified) has been suggested as a start.  Perhaps homework assistance or mentoring programs will be considered — or perhaps something that has not been imagined by our congregation.

In reality, we know nothing of the future the Holy Spirit has determined for the people in this place.  We only know we must trust God to reveal our next steps in God’s own time.  By remaining faithful stewards of all the resources God has given us, and trusting God to “direct our paths,” we demonstrate our belief that this place — God’s house — will continue to form new Christians far into the future.

“From the past will come the future,
What it holds a mystery,
Unrevealed until its season,
Something God alone can see.”

-Natalie Sleeth, The Promise Hymn, 1986

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