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Thanksgiving Dinner Wrap Up


We believe we served about 200 meals, which would include the Lewinsville Retirement Residence residents, members of the military, older adults, college and graduate students, a college professor and her 3 children, SHARE participants, younger couples and members of our congregation.

We had approximately 55 volunteers (not including food donations), many were from the community, one of whom had driven from Southern Maryland with his son. Everyone had a story, which makes for a very meaningful dinner gathering.  Lois and Roy Mitchell attended the dinner as did Karen and Roy Siple, the Steels, the Deeses, Mary Frase, Jan Jacewicz, Susie Poderecki, the Ancells, the Aldens, the Foster family and 4 of their students. John Nothaft, his mom and Sarah performed beautiful music from beginning to end, which was really lovely.

For our worship service, Pam Deese served as the moderator, Mike Deese read the scripture and Spencer Deese focused his devotion on the “beloved community,” which resonated well with our guests. John Nothaft provided The critical musical accompaniment for the hymns.

LRR’s Chef Donna prepared an outstanding meal supplemented by desserts, rolls, homemade cranberry sauce and appetizers provided by volunteers. The meal was served by our 14 volunteer servers to every guest. It was the time for guest to feel pampered and special.

Alison Jacoby provided her flower arranging talents to help teach 2 teens and one mom to make 18 floral arrangements, all of which were given to guests. Three other volunteers cut 150 leaves from paper stock to make the gratitude leaves. Karen and Roy Siple, Mike Deese and Mary Frase set all the tables on Wednesday night while we were doing the flowers and leaves.

Then, there was the cleanup crew of volunteers. When the clean up crew departed at 3 o’clock, LRR’s dining room was neat and clean and restored to its earlier condition.

All of our communications efforts were orchestrated by our tireless Bettie McElroy, who has applied herself endlessly to creating and collecting volunteer information, communications pieces around the dinner and tracking all of this information. Our volunteers prepared food prior to the event and in the LRR kitchen, set tables, arranged flowers, greeted guests, served beverages, served hors d’oeuvres and dinner, cleaned up, served as table hosts, performed musically, provided devotions and many other jobs.

These are but a few of the highlights of the day.

While we collected funds at the door, there is still an opportunity for our congregation, who could not participate, to make a cash donation to further defray the cost of the dinner.  (CLICK HERE to go to our online giving page to make a donation if you wish!)

And finally, a huge “thank you” goes to Pam Deese for organizing this amazing event!