The Bible is a profound and beautiful book that tells one unified story from beginning to end, but it’s also a very long book.  For many people, it is intimidating and overwhelming.  This reading program has been created to help participants read through the entire Bible with greater understanding and to see the beauty and wisdom of this ancient story that points to Jesus.

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The Reading Scripture Planbible-project

This plan takes you through the entire Bible in one year, starting on September 18, 2016.  The scriptures are divided up into 16 “chapters” and organized in semi-chronological order.  You’ll read two or three chapters a day, and sometimes skim through larger portions that contain genealogies, census information, etc.  The daily scripture “assignments” can be found by month on the menu at right.

Psalms of Prayer/Devotional

One Psalm is listed each day for you to slowly pray through, making its words your own.  By the end, you will have prayed through the book of Psalms 2.5 times.


Each day you come to a new biblical book, there will be a short animated video on The Bible Project website about that book’s design and message and what to look for as you read.  You can also sign up to have those videos emailed to your inbox.  In addition to videos regarding books of the Bible, you will find videos relating to several topics that appear throughout Scripture.


Questions?  Contact Allison Lineberger for more details.


The Reading Schedule with embedded videos are separated into months and available using the links below or the menu at right:

September 2016 Reading Schedule (begins September 18th)

October 2016 Reading Schedule

November 2016 Reading Schedule

December 2016 Reading Schedule

January 2017 Reading Schedule

February 2017 Reading Schedule

March 2017 Reading Schedule

April 2017 Reading Schedule

May 2017 Reading Schedule

June 2017 Reading Schedule

July 2017 Reading Schedule

August 2017 Reading Schedule

September 2017 Reading Schedule


The Founders of  The Bible Project:

Tim Mackie – Tim is a writer and creative director for The Bible Project.  He has his Ph.D. in Semitic Languages and Biblical Studies.  He is a pastor at Door of Hope Church and Professor of Bible at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon.

Jonathan Collins – Jon writes and creatively directs for The Bible Project.  He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies.  He has spent the last decade working in digital media and marketing.  He is the founder of EPIPHEO and Sincerely Truman-Communication companies that care about getting to the heart of why things matter.

Western Seminary (Evangelical Tradition) – All members of the Western Seminary community are united in trusting that God has spoken authoritatively in the inspired words of Holy Scripture.  Western Seminary does not import a particular doctrinal system or denominational creed to our students.  Instead, we train our students to develop their own statement of faith which is grounded in the Bible.