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December/January Update:

LeMay Erickson architects and representatives from our contractor, Whitener Jackson, presented updated construction costs to the Building Task Force in November. To no one’s surprise, costs have increased over the most recent six months, but not so much that they exceed the contingency built into the original estimate. In other words, the scope of the project remains the same.

As the new year begins, our architects remain at work on final design documents.  The congregation will have an opportunity to review these plans before the architects are given a green light to proceed with preparation of final documents.

The month of January will see the county give a first review of the site plan. Any required revisions will be submitted for a second review before the end of January. The Task Force anticipates that a second review will be completed by the end of February.

A Sustainable Building Practices Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been adopted by representatives of the architects, the task force and the Earth Care team. The MOU, accepted by Session in November, means all parties with an environmental interest will be working closely to make sure the renovation remains sensitive to environmental issues. A Landscape Committee, consisting of members of the Task Force, Facilities Committee and Earth Care Team, will work to develop a master landscape plan for the church and cemetery.

Finally, to assure that the newly renovated building will have state-of-the-art communication/teaching technology installed, a subcommittee of the task force is working with the architect and consultants to accommodate this requirement in the final drawings.

November 2019 Update on Lewinsville’s Trailblazer Capital Project

“We are transforming a worn-out facility into a modern center for welcoming, teaching, learning, counseling, mentoring and caring for others, an environment capable of evolving to meet the demands of emerging new ministries as they are revealed.”

Here are the very latest updates:

  • On July 10, the Building Committee, chaired by John Bowen, selected the firm of Whitener-Jackson to be prime contractor for Lewinsville’s project. The firm is well known to Lewinsville through two previous projects: 1987 expansion of the narthex, including the addition of St. Andrews Hall and new Music Department; 2003 construction of Lewinsville East, an expansion of the Lewinsville Retirement Residence.
  • Now, our contractor and architects from Lemay-Erickson-Wilcox are working to complete the land-use approval process. Site plan drawings have been submitted for review by Fairfax County. A first comprehensive review is expected in December.
  • An updated cost estimate is expected before Thanksgiving.
  • Final construction documents are expected in January.
  • Major decisions have been made with respect to environmental issues, including selection of energy efficient mechanical systems, planning for future energy demands, and selection of a landscape architect to assure compliance with highest standards set for Earth Care Congregations.

A date for a groundbreaking ceremony has not been set, but late April or early May 2020 are good targets.

If you have any questions, contact John Bowen or Bob Clark.

On July 10, 2019, the Building Committee selected the firm of Whitener-Jackson as our prime contractor. Many members recall Whitener-Jackson was our contractor in 2003 for construction of Lewinsville East, an expansion of the Lewinsville Retirement Residence.  They were also the contractors which handled the Narthex renovation in 1989-1990.

Already, our contractor and architects from Lemay-Erickson-Willcox are working to complete the land-use approval process. We expect that process to be completed by October 2019.

Construction documents will follow, including final drawings.

Permitting is expected to be completed by February 2020.  It has our intention to schedule a groundbreaking in early spring 2020.


A Site Plan is the first order of business and will take place between June 2019 and April 2020.

Construction documents, including final architectural drawings and permitting, will be prepared between June 2019 and January 2020.

A contractor will be selected by fall of 2019 and contract signed.

Groundbreaking can be scheduled on a convenient date in the Spring of 2020.

Construction will take place between April 2020 and June 2021.

We hope to dedicate the Rotunda and open our renovated Heritage Hall by October 2021 to coincide with the church’s 175th anniversary.

We will update this page with more details as they become available.

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