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Paths to Community, Part 2

Online Worship Service for Sunday – March 28, 2021Passion/Palm Sunday
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During Lent, our Sermon Series is titled: Christian Community: Life and Ministry Together. Read more about this series HERE.

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During the weeks of Lent, our worship will be focused on the theme “Christian Community: Life and Ministry Together”. Even as we worship separately during these days of the pandemic, we are bound together in community by the Holy Spirit, gathered together in discipleship to Jesus and sacrificial love for each other.

In addition, it is our pleasure once again to bring you a Lenten devotional for your use during the season of Lent that offers reflections on our Lenten theme. For each day of Lent, writers from the congregation will provide brief reflections on this theme, drawing from a Scripture passage.
During these turbulent times through which we are living, this theme offers us a way to reflect on what makes the Christian community different from other gatherings and groups in our world. The church of Jesus Christ is more than a random collection of individuals, and it is more than just another service organization. The Christian community of the church has its own life, its own purposes for being, and its own distinctive characteristics. What does Christian community in the church look like? Why is Christian community so important? How is it different than other forms of community in the world? In what ways is it challenging? What do we do when it breaks down? What resources does God make available to us, in order to strengthen and support us in living and serving together? How does God call us to live and serve together? What kinds of attitudes and commitments are required of those who enter into community in the church? These are the kinds of questions that this theme can raise for us.

Due to the circumstances of this Lent, brought about by COVID-19, the primary way that the Lenten devotional will be made available is electronically. Each day’s devotional entry will be available on this website, and you may sign up to receive the Lenten devotional HERE. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the Lenten devotional, you may contact Sandy Albrecht in the church office. If you have any questions about the Lenten devotional, feel free to reach out to Judy Herseth, Laura Jones, or Pastor Scott.