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Online Worship Service for Sunday – July 26, 2020.
CLICK HERE to download/view/print the full Bulletin. Scroll down to see the basic order of service.

Our online worship for Sunday, July 26 is available now. We continue our Summer Sermon Series this week. CLICK HERE to read about this series.

If you have an internet-enabled TV in your home, you may wish to watch the service on the big screen via our YouTube Channel. Access YouTube, then search on Lewinsville Presbyterian Church. If you don’t see the current video, shut down your TV and try again in a few minutes; your TV screen will not refresh automatically.

OFFERING: Click at right to open our online giving page in a new tab.  Don’t close this current tab. You will still hear our service when you click on the new tab, fill out and then submit the online giving form.  When you are done, come back to this tab to finish viewing the service today. Or you can text your contribution to 703-270-0451 via credit card.  Enter amount ($xx.xx) and then follow instructions you receive.

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Please help us let people with no computer/internet know that this service will be available for their participation by phone (audio only) by 11:00 am Sunday. It will remain active until the following Sunday. The dial-in number is 571- 261-7385. Thank you.

Please Note: The Audio track on this page is the Scripture & Sermon only.

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-708462


Beginning June 28, 2020

During the summer of 2020, our worship will revolve around the patriarchal/matriarchal stories in the book of Genesis and early Exodus. These stories—of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar; Isaac, Rebekah, and Leah; Jacob and his twelve sons; Joseph and that “Dreamcoat”—are stories that remind us that God does not call perfect people. And receiving God’s call does not mean that your life will unfold smoothly and exactly the way you want and expect. God’s call is surprising and disruptive. God’s call changes us. God’s call can unsettle us. And when we are living through a difficult challenging period—which is the case for our entire world right now—God’s call becomes a “golden thread” that can reassure us that God is present with us, leading us, and going before us to open up new possibilities. We’re looking forward to this adventure in faith—with all of its surprises and disruptions!