for College Students and Recent Graduates
January 2-5, 2019


January 5, 2019:

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We ended this great trip with a great day! To start off we finished up some small tasks from yesterday. We then moved on to moving two bathtubs upstairs and insulating the walls around them. We practiced our newfound drilling talents and screwed in two by four cross beams and uprights. Fred/ Jerry then had us help him build the foundation for a shed and finish up our amazing fence from the first two days.

The best part of the day was when we got to meet the two future owners of the house, Cory and Jeremy. The supervisor said that they were some of the best workers he has had so far! They were also just super cool and we had a great time with them and working alongside them and Fred/Jerry.

January 4, 2019:

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Today was a tiring but incredibly rewarding day at the work site. We are proud to say that we shoveled 1600 pounds of gravel! After hours of cement mixing and screw drilling we also completed a retaining wall and yesterday’s fence. We got to do some mulching as well. Luckily the rain held up for most of the day and we only got drizzled on for an hour or so. It was a good idea to bring snacks. Cheez-its and bananas fueled a productive day of work under Fred/Jerry’s kind supervision.
After resting up tonight, we’re excited for our final day tomorrow. We’re planning to finish up with concrete and then move on to some indoor work during the rain.

January 2-3, 2019:  

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Yesterday, most of our winter mission project group traveled to Staunton, Virginia, for 3 days of work with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. A Habitat board member, Laurie, generously hosted us for the night. We also got to meet her roommate, who has done construction work and has affiliations with Habitat, and it was wonderful to get to know them. We are so grateful for their hospitality!

Today was our first day of work. We were, again, warmly welcomed by the crew here – although our supervisor played a joke on us and had us all calling him the wrong name all day! Fred / Jerry is a real goofball. We started out by cutting planks of wood for a fence, and we were able to complete most of the job before the power cut off. At that point, we went to a different site, where we mixed and poured concrete for a small patio where a door will be added. It was a fruitful day, and now that all four of us are here, we are excited to start fresh tomorrow!

2019 Participants:

  • Abby Comey
  • Sara Hunsberger
  • Claire Beth McConnell
  • Annamarie Groenenboom