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A Note about Recording our Adult Education Classes – Click Here

Adult Education Class, Sunday, May 15

Adult Education will meet IN PERSON in room 102A (across from the Chapel) for MATTHEW 25 AND LEWINSVILLE:  CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION led by Linton Brooks, Cathy Saunders, Rob Hunter, and Dan Thomas.  This week we will continue our discussion of Lewinsville’s involvement in the Matthew 25 initiative. In agreeing to the initiative, the Session concluded that we should start by listening and learning. Among the people we need to listen to is ourselves. So, for the next three weeks we will have panels of congregation members discussing how systemic racism has been visible in their professional experience, if at all. 

Inquirers’ Class, Sunday, April 24 – May 22, 9:30 – 10:30a.m. in the church library – Are you interested in joining Lewinsville Presbyterian Church? Are you interested in exploring, with a group of other folks at a similar point in their journeys, what participation in the life of a local congregation might look like?  If you are, then plan to join us for the next “Inquirers’ Class,” which will be held in the church library.  Over the course of the class, we will explore our personal spiritual journeys, talk about the core beliefs of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and about the mission and ministry of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church at this point in its life.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott.

For Children and Families:  CLICK HERE for the Mini Mess for the week of May 15-21 and our continuing look at the Easter Story-this week we will look at the Breakfast by the Sea that Jesus prepared for his disciples and His restoration of Peter.

MESSY CHURCH HAS MOVED TO NEXT SUNDAY, MAY 22  9:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.  The theme: Pentecost Power.

LENTEN MODULE: March 13 – April 3, 2022


Part of a four-year 101 series (Old Testament 101, New Testament 101, Theology 101, and Spiritual Practices 101), this class will explore the basic, core beliefs of Christian theology.

The word “theology” can be intimidating to many of us (it has been to me!), but the fact is that all of us are theologians. A “theologian” is simply someone who thinks about God. While we will in no way be able to cover all of Christian theology (that could take an entire lifetime!) we will explore several of the basic, core theological doctrines that have defined our tradition. We will explore what Christians believe about the Trinity, the Incarnation, God’s covenantal relationship with us, Sin, Forgiveness, Hope, the Church, and crucially – what they have to do with our daily lives.

Whether you are new to thinking of yourself as a ‘theologian,’ or have been reflecting on these things for many years, come and join us. The class will be held on Sunday mornings on Zoom from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Class Videos:

Class Leader: Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey
Class Location: Zoom
How to Attend: Look for the Zoom link in the Thursday Update.

~ Looking Ahead ~

  • PALM SUNDAY: April 10 – Special Session – tbd
  • EASTER SUNDAY: April 17 – No CE
  • MODULE 5: April 24 – May 29 – tbd
  • SUMMER MODULE: June 2 – 30 – TBD



NOTE: During the Covid-19 Pandemic, this class is meeting each Wednesday @11:30 via Zoom. Watch for the Thursday Update with login instructions. Or call the church office at 703-356-7200 during morning office hours to be added to the Bible Study list.


Each WEDNESDAY, a weekly Wednesday Bible Study will be held in the Chapel from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.  The Bible study will generally involve an exploration of the biblical text that will be preached the following Sunday.  The study will usually be facilitated by Rev. Scott Ramsey or whoever will be preaching the next Sunday.

Bring a bag lunch, a Bible, and a curious heart and mind.  We’ll have fun digging into the Scriptures!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott .


Lewinsville offers a variety of classes and special events to guide us during the program year in our individual and corporate journeys of faith, discovery, discernment, and service.

Lively discussions on faith and social issues. Look for our “Faith & Public Policy” classes during select modules during the year.

Probing Biblical and theological study. Each Adult Education module includes a course on the Bible and/or theology.

Life skills and religion and the arts. Our Adult Education classes include one course in this subject area.

Family of Faith Focus. We have an ongoing group of parents who explore what it means and how to raise children in our reformed tradition.

Multiple times and places for learning, including online. Even if you can’t attend all sessions of a class during the 9:45–10:45 hour on Sunday mornings, come when you can. Watch for our annual Lenten Studies program during Lent with a Biblical scholar, our Salzman Lecture each fall, and special Inter-generational events with an education focus.

Faith has been described as belief, commitment, relationship, and mystery. Lewinsville’s adult education program, Christ Care groups, women’s circles, faith and public policy breakfasts, and men’s and women’s retreats are opportunities to explore these dimensions of faith with others.

An Update from the Adult Education Committee
January 2021

The adult education committee has received several requests to record classes. We recognize the value of being able to revisit a class, catch up with a missed class session, or share a session with a family member or friend. At the same time, we’re aware of privacy concerns and the concern that recording may make participants self-conscious and uncomfortable to share personal observations. To balance these considerations, we will use the following criteria to decide which classes to record:

  • The leaders/speakers associated with a class, and with individual class sessions, are the primary judges of whether a class is appropriate for recording. They hold veto power over recording a class series or session.
  • As a rule, we believe that classes that consist mostly of presentation with some Q&A are more appropriate for recording than those that consist primarily of discussion.
  • Regardless of the proportion of presentation and discussion/Q&A, we will not record classes which invite participants to share opinions on potentially-sensitive political or policy questions, or to share personal experiences.
  • We will always let participants know if a class is being recorded. Notice that the class will be recorded will appear in the class write up in the Newsletter and Thursday Mail along with the ZOOM link.

If you have any questions or thoughts about class recording, please feel free to share them with any member of the Adult Education Committee or Cathy Saunders, the chair.