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Adult Education classes are offered each Sunday morning.
Classes gather on Zoom at 9:30 am and begin at 9:45 am, ending at 10:45 am

MODULE 1: September 20 – October 18, 2020


Do (or should) Christians have a unique, faith-based perspective on major issues of public policy? At a time of growing partisan tension and rancor and facing s contentious election, we will hold another session of the Lewinsville Forum, our long-running venue for looking at specific public policy issues through the eyes of faith.

At a minimum we will discuss (1) police reform focusing on where things stand in Fairfax County. We will discuss Fairfax County Police statistics that show a 5-to-1 disparity in the use of force against Blacks in the County, other reform issues, and possible solutions, (2) how Christians—especially white Christians—should deal with the legacy of slavery, focusing our discussion on the question of reparations or other means of reconciliation (formal apology, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, non-monetary reparations), (3) legal immigration and whether the recent restrictions on it raise issues for Christians (we will include legal asylum but not issues relating to the southern border or to our attitude toward the millions of undocumented individuals now in the United States, topics we have discussed in the past).
We are still considering which other topics to cover (we have two open Sudays). The facilitators would welcome specific suggestions which can be sent to The discussions in each week will be self-contained, so participants can attend as many or as few sessions as they wish. All classes will be via Zoom.

The goal of these sessions is not to tell anyone how to vote or to select among alternatives but to see how our faith colors our approach to any alternative. The facilitators have both served in government, one in a senior position in a Democratic Congress and the other in senior positions in the executive branch under Republican Presidents. Their goal will be to force us to confront the implications of our faith, not to evaluate (much less promote) specific partisan solutions.

Class Leaders: David Morrison, Linton Brooks, Adrian Steel (Fairfax County police issues)
How to Attend: This class will gather at 9:30 on Zoom. The program will run from 9:45-10:45 am. Watch the Thursday Update for the Zoom link.


What’s in the Bible (for Me)?

Class Information: See the Family Ministry-Messy Church page
How to Attend: This class will meet on Zoom from 9:30 – 10:45 am. Register HERE to receive the Zoom link each week.


Are you a relative newcomer to the Lewinsville community of faith? Would you like to learn more about this congregation: its ministries in the community, beliefs, how and why we do what we do and who we are? Perhaps you’d like to explore membership at Lewinsville and what that might mean for you and for your life.

The Inquirers Class is designed for you.

This fall this class will be offered on ZOOM during the Christian Education time on Sunday mornings. Each class lasts 1 hour, beginning at 9:45am. At the conclusion of the class, participants are given the opportunity to become members of Lewinsville Church.

REGISTER for this class HERE, or call the church office at 703-356-7200 during morning office hours.

Class Leader: Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey
How to Attend: This class will be held on Zoom from 9:45-10:45 am Sunday mornings. Once you are registered, you will receive the weekly Zoom link via email.


Speaker:   Larry Golemon of the Reformed Institute

MODULE 2: November 1 – 22

Bible Study: The New Testament 101 with Pastor Scott

ADVENT MODULE: November 29 – December 13

Advent/Arts:     An Eye for Those who Waited
Faith & Public Policy:  Faithful Citizenship/Election follow-up


Speaker:  Matt Taylor – Mary in both traditions (Islam & Christianity)

MODULE 3: January 3 – 31

Theology:            Bruce Douglass 



NOTE: During the Covid-19 Pandemic, this class is meeting each Wednesday @11:30 via Zoom. Watch for the Thursday Update with login instructions. Or call the church office at 703-356-7200 during morning office hours to be added to the Bible Study list.


Each WEDNESDAY, a weekly Wednesday Bible Study will be held in the Chapel from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.  The Bible study will generally involve an exploration of the biblical text that will be preached the following Sunday.  The study will usually be facilitated by Rev. Scott Ramsey or whoever will be preaching the next Sunday.

Bring a bag lunch, a Bible, and a curious heart and mind.  We’ll have fun digging into the Scriptures!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott .


Lewinsville offers a variety of classes and special events to guide us during the program year in our individual and corporate journeys of faith, discovery, discernment, and service.

Lively discussions on faith and social issues. Look for our “Faith & Public Policy” classes during select modules during the year.

Probing Biblical and theological study. Each Adult Education module includes a course on the Bible and/or theology.

Life skills and religion and the arts. Our Adult Education classes include one course in this subject area.

Family of Faith Focus. We have an ongoing group of parents who explore what it means and how to raise children in our reformed tradition.

Multiple times and places for learning, including online. Even if you can’t attend all sessions of a class during the 9:45–10:45 hour on Sunday mornings, come when you can. Watch for our annual Lenten Studies program during Lent with a Biblical scholar, our Salzman Lecture each fall, and special Inter-generational events with an education focus.

Faith has been described as belief, commitment, relationship, and mystery. Lewinsville’s adult education program, Christ Care groups, women’s circles, faith and public policy breakfasts, and men’s and women’s retreats are opportunities to explore these dimensions of faith with others.