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For the 2021-22 Program Year, our teens are invited to join in the Family Ministry Messy Church program.  Messy Church offers youth a chance to take part as young leaders and/or volunteer as a way of learning more about their faith and can provide the opportunity for youth to share their faith with others.


Confirmation is a pivotal time in adolescent faith development.  It is a time for youth to explore, develop, and claim a faith of their own.  We will take time to dive into scripture, ask questions, explore other faith traditions, and put words to our own beliefs.  Confirmation IS NOT having all the answer or have following a prescribed check-list.  Confirmation IS a fun time of exploration in a relaxed environment of friends, mentors, and community support.

Confirmation will begin on February 13, Sunday mornings, from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Students will be confirmed in worship on June 5 (Pentecost Sunday). Anyone in middle school or older is welcome to join these classes.  Each week we will be discussing and discovering different aspects of our faith.  We will be using a curriculum entitled: Big God, Big Questions.  It is our hope that each student in the confirmation class will have the opportunity to ask questions in hopes of learning more about themselves, God, and what it means to be a part of the kingdom of God.  If you would like to sign up please email pastor Layne