Youth Breakfast Bar

The Breakfast Bar will be held for all youth usually on the first Sunday of each month 9:30-10:00 a.m. in the Youth Center. On Breakfast Bar Sundays, Christian Education classes for youth will have a delayed start (10:00 am).

MIDDLE SCHOOL – Grades 7 & 8

Middle School youth spend the Sunday School time diving into the story where they engage with the text and learn how the story of the Bible is part of their story.  Each year the class uses the follow curriculum—alternating each year—for their journey through the Bible.  Join us for an adventure that is not to be missed.

For the 2016-2017 Program Year:  The Story-The Bible As One Continuing Story of God and His People.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” is more than just a cliché. God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. That is what The Story is all about—the story of the Bible, God’s great love affair with humanity.

The Story will sweep learners into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation. Using the clear, accessible text of the NIV Bible, the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible are arranged in chronological order so students can better understand God’s plan for creation and his people and, even better, it reads like a novel. And like any good story, The Story is filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption—and this story’s true!

For the 2017-2018 Program Year:  Echo the Story

Experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. In Echo the Story, you will delve even deeper into the biblical narrative. From creation to Revelation, youth will find meaning and identity in the stories of the Bible.

Each session follows a six-part sequence for participants to encounter the Bible in a variety of ways:

  • Rewind – The Story So Far video begins with a two-minute interaction for the group. Following the interaction, the video will show a fast-paced, animated review of the previous sessions’ stories.
  • Prepare – Participants draw a version of the story symbol in their Sketch Journals. Then, a participant will read a section from the Sketch Journal that helps ready the group for imaginative listening.
  • Imagine – The leader tells this session’s Bible story. A carefully-crafted narrative script of the story is provided in the Leader Guide.
  • Capture – The leader will ask a different person to do a second telling of the story. During this telling, participants will use their Sketch Journals to capture aspects of the story that stood out to them.
  • Remix – Participants will be invited to choose from two REMIX activities that guide them to retell part of the Bible story in their own unique way.
  • Connect – The leader will guide a group dialogue where participants are asked to share their observations and insights from the story. Dialogue questions are provided in the Leader Guide.

Teachers: TBD
Class Location:  Youth Center, 3rd Floor



Download the Confirmation Schedule >>

Confirmation is pivotal time adolescent faith development. It is a time for youth to explore, develop, and claim a faith of their own. We will take time to dive into scripture, ask questions, explore other faith traditions, and put words to our own beliefs. Confirmation IS NOT having all the answer or have following a prescribed checklist. Confirmation IS a fun time of exploration in a relaxed environment of friends, mentors, and community support. Confirmation is recommended for youth grades 9-12. Please talk to Kate Satterstrom ( if you are interested in participating in Confirmation or would like to support the confirmation class through mentorship and/or prayer.

What is Confirmation:
Confirmation is a time set aside for intentional exploration of faith. This is a time to ask questions, journey with peers and mentors, and make claims of our own. This class will use imaginative ways to engage in the Bible using storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. We will compare Christianity to other faiths, explore what the Bible has to do with our faith now, discover what it means to be a Presbyterian, and ultimately begin to articulate our own faith. Come and join the journey.

Who is eligible for Confirmation:
There is no set age or grade that a youth has to participate in Confirmation. Each youth is ready for Confirmation at a different time. We encourage families to discuss when their youth is ready to make a commitment to enter into Confirmation. Confirmation is available for youth ages 9th grade and up.

What is required of me:
Confirmands are required to attend Sunday School and Worship every Sunday during the Confirmation season. Additionally, they are required to attend two weekend retreats and a session meeting as outlined below. While grace is given if a class is missed, youth and their parents should be prepared to make Confirmation attendance a priority.

SENIOR HIGHS – Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12

Faith Questions: Deep and Wide

 Faith Questions meet us at the intersection of theology, belief, and living out our faith.  The world of High School fully encompasses students like a whirlwind; often leaving graduates excited to move on but wondering where the last four years have gone.  Faith Questions work to ground students as they claim their faith for their own and maneuver in a secular world that often leaves little room for faith exploration.  With a dynamic teaching team, students will choose what they want to study from a variety of topics.  And together we will ask questions, pursue answers, and ultimately seek after God.

Teachers:  TBD
Class Location:  Youth Center, 3rd Floor