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We are excited to announce that for the 2019-2020 Program Year, our teens will participate in the Family Ministry Messy Church program.  There will be nine Celebration Sundays during the year which will include activities, worship, and breakfast beginning at 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall.  On the other Sundays, an opening Session in Fellowship Hall begins at 9:30 am followed by Messy Church Break-Out Groups.  On all Sundays, our teens will learn by leading the children of Lewinsville (grades 1-6) in activities and learning centers in Fellowship Hall.

The youth have been actively involved in planning Celebration Sundays as well as Break Out Sunday Activity Centers. On all Sundays, the youth will have the opportunity to learn about the stories and themes of the Bible by using their gifts to create and teach the Activity Centers for the elementary school. Each youth participating will help tell God’s story through teaching an activity such as a craft, a game, or the prayer center. This new style of learning through teaching allows the youth of Lewinsville to actively learn by explaining concepts to others, gain leadership skills, and embrace the creativity and strengths that God has given them.


Confirmation is a pivotal time in adolescent faith development.  It is a time for youth to explore, develop, and claim a faith of their own.  We will take time to dive into scripture, ask questions, explore other faith traditions, and put words to our own beliefs.  Confirmation IS NOT having all the answer or have following a prescribed check-list.  Confirmation IS a fun time of exploration in a relaxed environment of friends, mentors, and community support.

We are excited to start Confirmation 2020 on February 9! Pastor Scott, Pastor Annamarie, and Pastor Jen will teach the class with help from the Confirmation mentors and special guest speakers. This year, we will use the Big God, Big Questions curriculum. We look forward to participating in the Reformed Institute Confirmation Retreat at the end of February.
Please pray for us as we enter into this special time of learning, fellowship, and contemplation.