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Our Call to Mission

We come together at Lewinsville Presbyterian Church to understand and to act upon our call to be disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ. To be an apostle is to become directly involved and active in efforts to spread the gospel and to relieve the pain and want of others.

The Scriptural basis for our call is found in Matthew 28:19, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …, and in Matthew 25:37-40, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? And when was it that we see you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?’ Jesus replies: ‘Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’

Another clear call to action is found in James 2:14-17, What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but do not have works? Can faith save you? If a brother or sister is naked and lacks daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and eat your fill,’ and yet you do not supply their bodily needs, what is the good of that? So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.

Interested in Getting Involved?

There are over 25 activities currently being supported or sponsored by folks at the church, and new projects are regularly considered. If you wish to assist in one or more projects, contact a member of the Mission and Service Ministry Group. If you are interested in a particular outreach area, contact the chair of that group to see how you can become involved.

ChristCare Connection to Mission at Lewinsville

The ChristCare Small Group Ministry at Lewinsville also has an active Mission program, and offers another channel through which Lewinsville members may contribute their time and talents to Mission.


A significant portion of Lewinsville’s total pledged income is spent in support of our Mission activities. The actual allocation is set each year in light of the church’s overall financial situation and its other needs, and is currently approximately 10% of our total pledged income.

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  • Joe Parisi (Chair)
  • Ryan Ramsey (Session Liaison)
  • David Porterfield (Housing Group Chair)
  • Jack Hess (Hunger & Poverty Chair)
  • Richard Tullos (Social Services Chair)
  • Alan Stevens (National & International Group Chair)
  • Jill Cook and David Jessee (Faith & Public Policy Group Co-Chairs)
  • Karen Siple (Westgate Elementary Partnership)

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Chair: David Porterfield

2030 Westmoreland Street, Falls Church, VA 22043

Three Lewinsville Church members serve on the Board of Directors. Volunteers are needed to play games with the residents, help with crafts, staff the store and sit at the front desk. Lewinsville volunteers offer English lessons to the kitchen and housekeeping staff, and others give secretarial help. You are invited to join as a volunteer working with the residents, helping with one of our activities, and supporting the Fund Raisers.

How you can help…

  • Volunteers can help at the front desk, in the gift shop, or help with dinner.
  • Play games with the residents or help with craft activities.
  • Lewinsville helps with the Fall Gala.
  • There are many opportunities for you to share your gifts and talents with the residents, just let us know you want to help.

Primary Contact Person: Claire Grossi

370 South Washington Street, Suite 400, Falls Church, VA 22046

Homestretch is Northern Virginia’s largest transitional housing provider for homeless families with children. It serves over 100 families with over 300 children during the course of a year.

How you can help…

  • Homestretch has volunteer opportunities with time commitments to meet any schedule.
  • Participate in Good Samaritan Day and paint a home for esidents moving in

Primary Contact Person: David Porterfield


The Coalition has worked on four projects with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia (HFHNV) since 2001. Lewinsville volunteers generally build one Wednesday or Saturday a month. Lewinsville is one of 11 faith communities in the greater McLean area in the Coalition, which is committed to providing affordable housing for families in Northern Virginia.

How you can help…

  • While handyman skills are always a plus, even those who don’t have those skills can be of great use.

Primary Contact Person: Mary Frase

1515 Great Fall Street, McLean VA 22101

An independent senior living facility formed in 1975 by the members of Lewinsville Church which opened in 1980. All active Lewinsville Church members are also members of LRR, Inc. There are 161 apartments. All residents receive at least some rental subsidy.

How you can help…

  • Participate in Good Samaritan Day to help the residents with needs around their apartments.
  • Plan and participate in the annual Lewinsville/LRR picnic.
  • Assemble and distribute Christmas Gift Bags to the residents.

Primary Contact Person: Alan Stevens

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Chair: Tom Mellor

1717 Columbia Road NW, Washington DC 20009

Christ House is a temporary convalescent residence for DC’s sick and homeless. It provides comprehensive health care, while helping clients break out of homelessness. Patients receive housing placement assistance, nutritious meals, and other supportive services.

How you can help…

  • Volunteer to be part of a Lewinsville team that provides one dinner meal monthly (2nd Sunday).
  • Donate winter coats and other clothing items.

Primary Contact Person: Betsy Hendrix

217 Gordon Road, Falls Church, VA 22046

Falls Church Homeless Shelter provides warm beds, meals, and counseling to the homeless during the winter months. The shelter began operations in January 1996 and is open from November through April to provide temporary shelter, emergency housing, counseling, life skills classes, and other services to assist individual adults.

How you can help…

  • Provide hot meals and deliver them to the shelter in the evening
  • Prepare and deliver breakfast items, bagged lunches, and staples for the week, such as milk, juice, bread, fruit, and snacks
  • Donate cleaning supplies
  • Volunteer to help staff the shelter in the evenings

Primary Contact Person:  Joe Parisi

2401 Virginia Avenue NW, Washington DC 20037

Miriam’s Kitchen provides services to DC’s poor and homeless. It serves over 200 meals each day, including breakfast every weekday. It also provides an after-breakfast program, social and case management services.

How you can help…

  • Volunteer to be part of a Lewinsville team that provides, prepares and serves one breakfast monthly (4th Friday)
  • Help by leading activities in the after-breakfast program.
  • Volunteer to be part of a Lewinsville team that provides, prepares and serves one dinner monthly

Primary Contact Person: Mary Frase

McLean Baptist Church (operates from)
1367 Chain Bridge Road, McLean VA 22101
703 229-1414

SHARE (Self Help And Resource Exchange) distributes affordable nutritious food and helps needy families in our area in other ways. It provides nearly 13,500 packages of food each month. SHARE is an all-volunteer organization. It has been serving needy families in McLean, Great Falls and Pimmit Hills since 1970.

How you can help…

  • Bring your food donations to Church every Sunday. We have a collection point in the Narthex.
  • Make donations of gifts for SHARE’s Christmas gift project.
  • Help move food and/or furniture during Good Samaritan Day in the Fall or Spring.

Primary Contact Person: Renie Ruehlin


Rise Against Hunger is an international relief agency committed to ending world hunger through its unique meal packaging program that distributes food overseas. Lewinsville volunteers participate in their annual local packaging event, assembling dehydrated food items into small meal packets for worldwide distribution. We also provide financial support.

How you can help…

  • Volunteer for this once-a-year event. A two hour shift is all it takes.
  • Youth, families and seniors are encouraged to volunteer.
  • Look for announcements in the newsletter and weekly bulletin as the date approaches.

Primary Contact Person: Jack Hess

3020 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20009

Unity Health Care provides medical care to uninsured, underinsured and homeless men, women and children in the District of Columbia. It provides services at 23 facilities and operates two mobile vans. More than 60% of its patients live at or below the poverty level.

How you can help…

  • Collect your blankets and clothing and leave it in the volunteer room, marked for Unity Health Care.

Primary Contact Person: Jan Jacewicz

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Chair: Richard Tullos

7230 Idylwood Road, Falls Church, VA 22043
Office: (703) 534-4907; Fax: (703) 534-4908

The Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center provides a comprehensive, high-quality early childhood program designed to give young children, regardless of their family’s economic resources, a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

How you can help…

  • Volunteer to read to the children or to watch over them during naptime to free the staff for meetings
  • Volunteer to provide snacks for a week
  • Donate classroom supplies

Primary Contact Person: Richard Tullos

SECOND STORY (formerly Alternative House)
2100 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182
703 506-9191

Second Story for Teens in Crisis began on the grounds of our church as the first emergency shelter for runaway teenagers in Northern Virginia. Today it provides a safe haven for young people 13-17 years old who are moving beyond homelessness, abuse, trafficking, neglect, or other harmful situations. The original program now supports some expanded serviced the community.

Second Story for Young Mothers Program helps to provide housing, counseling and training to homeless young women, age 16 to 24, who are pregnant or have young children. With an emphasis on parenting, education, job readiness and self-sufficiency, program’s graduates are better able to support themselves and their children when they leave the program.

Emergency Shelter for Teenagers helps young people overcoming trauma, homelessness, and hardship to get to their graduation day and write a new narrative for their lives.

Second Story in the Community supports children, teens, families, and community members through resource centers and support programs. Currently, Second Story offers community-based programs serving the communities of Culmore, Annandale, and Springfield. They operate Family Resource Centers, Safe Youth Projects, and a Teen Center. The Family Resource Centers focus on self-sufficiency, leadership, parenting, and family support.

• Safe Youth Project – The Safe Youth Project offers homework help, recreational activities, educational field trips, and workshops to help children improve their grades and make positive decisions. Their Teen Centers welcome young people in grades 7-12, offering a supportive and understanding environment away from gangs and violence.

How you can help…

  • Check Second Story’s website for items they need:
  • Attend an Open Door at Second Story to learn about ways you can volunteer and help.
  • Families from Lewinsville have helped in the past by preparing meals, organizing supply drives, decorating the shelter and providing gifts at Christmas, and more.

Primary Contact Person: Richard Tullos

3050 Military Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015

A retirement and assisted living facility founded in 1906 by a group of Presbyterian ministers. Lewinsville members serve on the Women’s Board, assist with fundraisers, work in the gift shop, monthly tea, bingo, card recycling, assist with the annual tea and open house, visit the Health Center, provide all of the Christmas decorating, and help to maintain a kind, loving environment to assist residents in feeling at home.

How you can help…

  • Volunteers are encouraged and welcomed to join in any and all of these activities.

Primary Contact Person: Jean Mertz


Boost The Troops is a mission project aimed at boosting the morale of our service men and women stationed overseas. We ship boxes of homemade goods, toiletries, snacks and other necessities to show our support and appreciation to the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

How you can help…

  • Provide us with the name and address of any soldier that you know of who could use a boost.
  • Join a packing party and bring donations.
  • Write a letter thanking a soldier for his/her service. Our heroes really want a connection to the states. Share a local postcard or include a photo of yourself and your family. Include your email address and you just might hear back from your soldier.
  • Pray daily for our service men and women.

Primary Contact Person: Mary Spence Smith

P.O. Box 21471, 2474 Ontario Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009
202-232-4539, 202-387-0963 (fax)

L’Arche is an inter-denominational Christian resident community whose focus is serving the community of intellectually challenged adults. Community life is centered around four communal homes and the 16 members who have intellectual disabilities, known as “core members.”

Volunteers and core members typically are matched one-to-one. Thus, the care and companionship provided by L’Arche volunteers is much more continuous and individually-invested than is typical in most government or commercial care facilities. The bond between core members and volunteers is very much an extended family relationship that invests the core members with caring and self confidence to live active lives with dignity.

Lewinsville has been a strong supporter and friend of L’Arche since 2001. In L’Arche, Lewinsville has found a very special community where it can assist in providing financial support and where individual members and groups can engage in the life of the community on a more personal level. L’Arche receives financial support through Lewinsville’s yearly mission budget.

How you can help…

  • Prepare dinner at an L’Arche home and experience fellowship with Community members.
  • Take a core member on a special outing to the zoo, movie, meal or a visit to the mall.
  • Participate in Community prayer nights and other activities.

Primary Contact Person: Jan Jacewicz

1205 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean, VA 22101

The Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church (“SCMAFC”) was organized in 2006. It is one of four Shepherd’s Centers in the Northern Virginia area and one of nearly 60 in North America. SCMAFC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, whose goal is to assist individuals older than 50 in our community to stay in their homes as long and safely as possible. The “no cost to client” services provided by SCMAFC volunteers include transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store and pharmacy. SCMAFC volunteers also make friendly calls and visits to home bound individuals. Additionally, SCMAFC hosts luncheons and other activities throughout the year for older adults.

How you can help ….

  • Become a volunteer. The level of involvement can vary from making short phone calls from your own home to serving as a medical appointment driver, grocery shopping companion/driver, driver coordinator scheduler, friendly visitor to the home bound or providing administrative office assistance. Look at SCMAFC’s web site for more information.
  • Make donations to SCMAFC.
  • Look for announcements about SCMAFC events in the newsletter and weekly bulletin and volunteer to assist with arrangements. Volunteer to drive participants to medical appointments, the grocery store and pharmacy.

Primary Contact Person: Betty Douglass

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Chair: Alan Stevens

Lewinsville Church supports national and international mission activities in a variety of ways:

  • Financial contributions to the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  • Directed financial support to selected overseas missionaries.
  • Support to organizations and programs assisting disadvantaged children and disabled individuals in foreign countries.


Our denomination has been involved in world mission activities for 175 years. Today there are nearly 200 PCUSA co-workers in 50 countries engaged in the vital ministries of sharing faith and working against poverty and violence.


Three missionary couples receive direct financial support and ongoing communications with Lewinsville Church:

  • Frank and Nancy Dimmock (African Mission Specialist, The Outreach Foundation)

For more than 30 years Frank and his wife Nancy served as PC(USA) mission coworkers in Africa. From 2013-16 Frank worked with Presbyterian World Mission as the global poverty alleviation catalyst. In 2017 he joined the mission staff of The Outreach Foundation as their Africa Mission Specialist. In his current position he facilitates a network of Christian Health Association in Africa for improving health care for millions. Frank and Nancy are the parents of eight children, six of whom are adopted. Frank is a nephew of former Lewinsville member Herb Dimmock (deceased).

The Collins are in Chiang Mai under the sponsorship of Interserve ( where Andy serves as an audio-visual specialist working in the ministries of the Christian Communications Institute.  Ellen teaches at Payop University’s Colleges of Divinity and Music. They have two sons. Ellen is the niece of Lewinsville members Alan and Liz Stevens.

The Chapaitises are under the sponsorship of Wycliffe Bible Translators ( Brian serves as a computer consultant working with the Summer Institute of Linguistics to develop vernacular dictionaries for the 800+ languages in Papua New Guinea. Helen, a doctor with specialties in pediatrics, tropical medicine and emergency medevac care, operates a clinic. They have one adult son. Helen is the daughter of Lewinsville member Frances Grimes.


The following organizations and programs receive direct financial support from Lewinsville Church and each has had or continues to have special involvement by members or friends of our church:

United Orphanage and Academy (Kenya)

An orphanage for 50 boys and girls and an academy (grades K – 8) serving 250 students located in Moi’s Bridge, Kenya. Founded in 2001 by Rev. Stephen Chege, a Presbyterian Church of East Africa pastor, and Henri Rush of Alexandria, VA, the UOA is funded primarily by Westminster Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA, Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria, VA and Lewinsville Presbyterian Church. A Steering Committee composed of representatives from these three Presbyterian churches provides overall direction, policy guidance and fund raising for the operation of the orphanage and academy; Rev. Chege is the current Director for daily operations. A young member of Lewinsville Church performed a three month internship at the orphanage/academy in 2011.

Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (Palestine)

A support organization serving the indigenous Christians living in the Holy Land. Lewinsville Church sponsors ten needy Christian children attending Christian Schools.

Outreach Foundation (North Korea)

The Outreach Foundation carries on the work of providing care and programs for orphaned children and disabled persons in North Korea that was started by Sue Kinsler, a retired PC(USA) missionary who was sponsored by Lewinsville Church for many years. At Sue’s request, and in recognition of the unique programs she established, Lewinsville contributes specifically to that ongoing work in North Korea.

Poor Children’s Assistance Project (Haiti)

A Christian program that operates multiple orphanages and schools for poor children in Haiti. Lewinsville has contributed to PCAP to help care for and educate the many children served by PCAP; following the January 12, 2010 hurricane that destroyed or badly damaged many of their facilities, Lewinsville was able to provide additional emergency funding, including a special matching grant we requested from the National Capital Presbytery.

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Co-Chairs:  David Jessee and Jill Cook

The Faith and Public Policy group organizes and presents activities that examine the economic, social, and spiritual implications of significant issues facing our local and global communities in a non-partisan and fact-based manner. It enables dialog and fosters LPC members and groups to engage in public policy issues as faithful Christians, It also provides a forum for open and respectful discourse on social justice and public policy matters.

Examples of recent FPP events include a workshop on combatting the national crisis on opioid drug abuse, a breakfast with the Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives for a look at his ministry to the legislative community, a lecture and discussion on the causes and consequences of Islamophobia, and two workshops with the Better Angels organization to teach and practice the skills needed to bridge the political divide between liberals and conservatives, and to do so with respect and dignity.

Future events present equally interesting and challenging topics through the lens of the Christian faith.

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Lewinsville has had a supporting partner relationship with Westgate Elementary School since 2014. Individual LPC members have supported Westgate in many seemingly simple ways, such has clean-up and planting of the school grounds, donation of backpacks of school supplies to needy children, and donations of turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.
We currently have seven “reading buddies” who work faithfully with students each week to cultivate the love of reading. Other individuals or groups have donated a wide variety of goods to support school activities, such as craft supplies, sports equipment, and warm clothing for winter. Needy families also are helped at Christmas time with gifts, grocery cards, books, and toys.

Primary Contact Person: Karen Siple


During Advent the congregation is invited to make monetary donations in memory or honor of someone in lieu of spending on a physical gift. In this way we recognize how richly blessed we truly are. And in doing so, we demonstrate and teach to others the value of generosity to those in need.


Each year the Mission & Service Committee organizes one or two half- or whole-day work events at the facilities of our various mission partners.


Lewinsville provides organization, food, and funding to support a Thanksgiving dinner for the residents of the Lewinsville Retirement Residence (LRR) residents. In 2017 approximately 40 LPC volunteers organized and served the Thanksgiving meal to 160 LRR residents, international students, and members of other faith communities. In sharing a meal and fellowship we remember that the community of Christ is not limited to just within the church walls.

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