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A Legacy of Love and Giving

The Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Since 1985, the Foundation has managed the accumulation of capital assets in an Endowment Fund for the benefit of the Church. The Foundation also administers memorial gifts made to the Church and a number of funds for various Church committees.

Donations, bequests and other planned gifts can be made directly to the Foundation with the same tax benefits as those made to the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.

Through the income generated from invested funds, the Foundation has supported the Church by funding large-scale projects, charitable purposes and capital improvements which would normally fall outside the regular operating budget of the Church. From 2007 through 2017 the Foundation provided substantial monetary assistance to the Church in its purchase of an interest in the “Peters’ Property.” Most recently, the Foundation made a grant to the Church of $35,000, and the Governing Board has indicated it intends for the Foundation to support the 2019 Capital Campaign.

The Governing Board of Directors is elected by the congregation and is subject to the authority of Session.

To explore making a gift to the Foundation, please contact the current Chairman of the Foundation’s Governing Board, Paul Phillips, via email ( or by regular mail to Chairman, Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Foundation, 1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101.  General information regarding donations, bequests and other planned gifts will be made available upon request.

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One important function of the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Foundation is to receive and administer monetary gifts that are given in memory of a departed and beloved family member or friend. Some of these gifts are restricted or designated with instructions for a specific purpose; other gifts are unrestricted. Checks are usually made out to the Foundation and annotated with the honoree’s name. However, some checks are made out to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church and given to the Foundation to be managed. How do memorials work?

Frequently, the church receives a check that is a donation in memory or in honor of someone. Sometimes, a Lewinsville family tells the Office Manager, that they would like to designate Lewinsville as a recipient for gifts in memory of their loved one, but this is not required. The family may choose a particular function of the church, such as the Music Fund, the Flower Committee, or a building fund. However, a special designation is not necessary. Upon receipt of the check, the Foundation Memorials Administrator creates a Memorial Fund in the name of the deceased person.

As gifts are received, the Memorials Administrator sends a letter of acknowledgement to each donor, stating for whom it was given, the amount of the donation, and when it was given. In addition to thanking the donor, the letter also provides documentation of a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization as defined under section 501(c)(3).

At the same time, the Memorials Administrator corresponds with the designated family member of the deceased, conveying the names and addresses of those who have given to the memorial; however, the amount of the donation is not given. Families appreciate receiving these names so that they can personally thank the donors. All memorial gifts, both restricted and unrestricted, are also reported to the Session in the monthly financial report of the Foundation Treasurer. To protect the confidentiality of memorial donors, reports to Session are not itemized by donor name.

The memorials administrator also deposits these checks in the Foundation’s Raymond James Memorials Fund on a regular basis. In paragraph 5, the Foundation Trust (Section 6b) requires that all memorial gifts that have not been designated and expended for a particular purpose by the family after three years will be deposited into the Endowment Fund. This is never done without again contacting the family and advising that this action is going to be taken – thus giving the family another chance to make a decision of how the donated money is to be used.

If moved to the Endowment Fund, the monetary gifts are invested. As stated in the Lewinsville Foundation Governance Provisions, “The purpose of this trust is to devote and apply the assets and the net income derived from said assets…for the benefit of…Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, to assist it by providing…funds for major programs and charitable purposes out of the general operating budget and for additions to Church property.”

In addition to the records kept by the Memorials Administrator, a complete listing of memorials may be found in the Book of Remembrance, which is in the hallway outside the Narthex. New Memorial Funds can be established at any time.

If you have questions about memorials, please contact Karen Siple at 703-757-2899 or