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The 2020 Convocation of the Reformed Institute
January 25, 2020
9:00 am – 11:30 am

Guest Speaker:  Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby the W.C. Brown Professor of Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Dr. Rigby is a prolific scholar, gifted teacher, and accomplished preacher and speaker. Her most recent book, Holding Faith: A Practical Introduction to Christian Faith (Abingdon Press, 2018), weaves the doctrines of the church into the rhythms and practices of everyday life. Her scholarship includes books on social righteousness, protestant perspectives of Mary, feminist theology, power in theology and scripture, and more.  Rigby is an associate editor for the Journal of Reformed Theology and the Journal of the American Academy of Religion and serves on the board of the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation.

Venue:  National Presbyterian Church, 4101 Nebraska Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 537-0800

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The Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington has been created by a group of Presbyterian churches in the Washington D.C. area to promote understanding and deepen appreciation of the Reformed tradition among the staffs and members of Presbyterian churches.

The Institute’s specific initiatives vary somewhat from year to year, and they are intended to meet the needs of a variety of different kinds of people. Some are targeted for lay leaders (elders, deacons, teachers, etc.); others are for particular sub-cultures within the life of the church (teens professing their faith, young adults, women, etc.), and still others are for all those, regardless of age, gender, etc. who are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities these offerings present.

Lewinsville is a founding member and sponsor of the Reformed Institute. Lewinsville supports the work of the Reformed Institute and encourages our members to take part in the course offerings. Click on the link below for more information.

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