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Lewinsville Presbyterian Church established a Music Fund managed and invested by the LPC Foundation in 1987.  The purpose of this fund is to establish a capital endowment—a source of funds beyond the annual budget, which is invested for the purpose of generating income to enhance and strengthen the music program at Lewinsville.  Anyone may make contributions to the Music Fund at any time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering making Music Fund contributions:

  1. Contributions to the Fund are tax-deductible and are considered outside of annual pledged giving to the general budget.
  2. Contributions in any amount may be made to the Fund in the form of gifts or gifts that thank, honor or remember persons or ministries.
  3. Contributions will be acknowledged with a letter from the Director of Music Ministries and listed in the Annual Report, unless requested to remain anonymous. Honorees and families of the memorialized will be notified.
  4. Contributions may be made at any time by sending a check, made payable to the LPC Foundation with “Music Fund” noted on the check. If you would like to thank, honor or remember a person or ministry please indicate the name of the person/s or ministry on your check or in an accompanying note.
  5. Checks may be mailed to The LPC Foundation, Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, 1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101, or dropped in the collection plate on Sundays.

Please do not hesitate to contact John Nothaft if you have any questions or would like further information about the Music Fund.