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The Older Adult Council (OAC) was approved by the Session of Lewinsville Church in January 2013.

OAC is comprised of members of Lewinsville who have expertise or special interests in working with older adults or providing ministries to the elderly within and without our congregation. It meets bimonthly.

The group’s formulated purpose is to communicate, coordinate and advocate for older adult programs and services both internally to the Lewinsville congregation and externally to our greater local community.

Currently, the following are serving as members of the OAC:

  • Betty Douglass
  • Mary Frase
  • Cathy Gaugler (not pictured)
  • Claire Grossi
  • Wendy Maiwurm (Chair)
  • Ray Martin (not pictured)
  • Alan Stevens
  • Dan Thomas (not pictured)
  • Thomas Waldrop
  • Rev. Jen Dunfee (Lewinsville staff)
  • Rev. Dr. Scott Ramsey (Lewinsville staff – not pictured)