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Men’s Breakfast Group

This men’s group, lovingly known as “the Geezers,” is an informal gathering of retired men.  The group meets on alternate Wednesdays at 8:30 am at the church.  Contact Doug McGuire (703-625-0199).

Senior Singles

The Church fills many roles in the life of a Christian community, and one of them is fellowship. “Single Seniors” has joined the Second Saturday Set as monthly times for fellowship; Single Seniors meet in the Chapel on the second Fridays of the month, September through June, from 11:30 am to around 1:30 pm. Average attendance for the simple lunches costing only $5 has been 17.

The group decided that in addition to lunch and open fellowship, they would like to hear one another’s life stories. Participants said that they wanted to change the too frequent phenomenon that one does not discover the interesting and distinguished accomplishments of someone’s life and career until their memorial service. So at each meeting, a designated person describes their life’s journey.

Another function that Single Seniors has played is to publicize to the group via email or phone various events that one or another person is planning to attend and invite others to join in. That enables participants to get to know one another better, and enjoy plays, concerts, dinners or other events in the company of others. Such announcements can be circulated by contacting the group’s communications secretary, Ray Martin, (703-556-0123).

For further information, or to be added to the list of persons receiving email invitations (or a phone call), contact Lois Dokken (703 789-0617) or Wendy Maiwurm (703 759-6705).

The Second Saturday Set

This group was founded in 1971 when its members were mostly the parents of pre-schoolers.   Now the pre-schoolers are often grandchildren, but monthly gatherings are still enjoyed for fellowship, conviviality and support.  Events are generally the second Saturday of the month, usually in homes.  Contact Cathy Gaugler (703-938-4780 –