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Men’s Breakfast Group

This men’s group, lovingly known as “the Geezers,” is an informal gathering of retired men.  The group meets on alternate Wednesdays at 8:30 am at the church.  Contact Doug McGuire (703-625-0199).

Senior Lunches

Single Seniors have now become “Rocks of Ages”, which is lunch or dessert and a program for all seniors in the congregation. They plan to meet monthly except for July & August. Beginning in January 2024, the group will move their meetings to the fourth Friday of the month.

For further information, or to be added to the list of persons receiving email invitations (or a phone call), contact Lois Dokken (703 789-0617) or Wendy Maiwurm (703 759-6705).

The Second Saturday Set

This group was founded in 1971 when its members were mostly the parents of pre-schoolers.   Now the pre-schoolers are often grandchildren, but monthly gatherings are still enjoyed for fellowship, conviviality and support.  Events are generally the second Saturday of the month, usually in homes.  Contact Cathy Gaugler (703-938-4780 –