Claimed …. Called …. Sent

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church
1724 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, Virginia 22101

Follow our directions below to find your new church home!

From the Beltway:
From Route 495 (the Capital Beltway), take Exit 46 and proceed North on Route 123 (Dolley Madison Blvd.). At traffic light, turn right onto Great Falls Street and proceed one block to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, on left. Turn left at traffic light onto Chain Bridge Road and immediately left into the large parking lot.


Lewinsville has two parking lots: one small lot accessible from Great Falls Street and a larger lot accessible from Chain Bridge Road. Two parking spaces are marked for the use of “Visitors Only” in the large parking lot adjacent to our educational building, Heritage Hall. We encourage first and second time visitors to use these spots!

UPDATE ON OUR PARKING LOTS (July 2016):  You may have noticed a few new parking signs (tucked between the many other parking signs in our lots) that indicate our lots are for Lewinsville Church and LRR parking.  The decision to install our new signage was made jointly with The Lewinsville (LRR) following several months of data collection and discussion and in recognition of increased demand for parking.  Over the last year, LRR and Lewinsville Church had observed significant numbers of cars parked in our lots after hours and during non-church activities.   In addition to Lewinsville’s concerns with the number of parked cars not connected to church members (which severely impacted snow removal this winter and causes worshipers to park on Chain Bridge Road), LRR was concerned from a security perspective as they monitor guests at LRR.  Additionally, beginning August 1, 2016, LRR will host the Lewinsville Senior Center activity program for the next two years, while the Senior Center is undergoing renovation.  Those  programs are anticipated to add approximately 35 cars to our lots from 9-4 pm Monday-Friday.

Following our evaluation and discussions with LRR, we agreed to installation of the signage as part of a larger parking plan.  For its part, LRR is maintaining a “parking tag” program that requires LRR’s staff, residents, and visitors to display a parking hang tag and park in the annex lot (closet to Evans Farm).   Lewinsville staff is participating in the parking hang tag program as well.  LRR also has employed parking security people 24-7 to ensure that LRR residents and visitors participate in the parking program.  To the extent that cars are parked and their occupants are not visiting the church (other than on Sunday mornings or during special services or programs), LRR’s security will advise the church.

We will continue to work closely with LRR to make certain that our members and visitors benefit from the parking program by creating more available spots in our own church lots.

-Management Ministry Group