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Rev. Jen Dunfee

Rev. Jen Dunfee joined the Lewinsville staff on April 1, 2019, to assume responsibilities for Care Ministries.  She may be a familiar face, because she and her family, husband Andrew and children Acadia, Thomas and Anabel, worship at Lewinsville.   

Jen has preached, been on the prayer team for healing services, led a family worship service and all-church retreat session for kids, served on the youth minister search committee and plays on the Lewinsville sluggers softball team. 

Jen has been a minister member of this Presbytery for over a decade, serving the Clifton Presbyterian Church as the associate pastor for youth and families and her most recent call as the Chaplain of the National Presbyterian School.  A large part of Jen’s work at the school involved the pastoral care of the community, direct pastoral care for kids, teachers and families, coordinating the community’s care response in times of loss or transition, and providing pastoral services such as funerals and baby blessings.  While in Seminary, Jen’s yearlong supervised ministry was not church-based but in a skilled care nursing facility, so she brings experience in pastoral care throughout the life cycle, supporting and equipping care-givers, and coordinating systems of care.

Jen is a graduate of Duke University and Yale Divinity School.  She grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Jen and Andrew and children live on the campus of The Madeira School, where Andrew is chair of the History Department.