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Support Staff

Bob Clark

Bob Clark joined the staff on a part-time basis as Church Administrator in 2016, helping to fill an administrative gap at the church. Bob will be focusing his efforts on administration issues related to the facility and property, and he will be working closely with Jeanne Melone, whose title has been changed to Financial Manager to reflect some additional responsibilities she has been given.In general, property-related questions can be directed to Bob and finance-related questions can be directed to Jeanne. Bob and Jeanne are a great team!

Jeanne (Shan) Melone

Jeanne, (pronounced Shăn), is a native of Copenhagen, Denmark. She completed a one year program in banking and accounting at Handelsskolen business school before she was hired by a Copenhagen bank. While working, she continued her education, earning a three-year degree in international banking.  When she moved to the USA, she worked mostly part time for several banks, including First Market Bank in Williamsburg where she was soon promoted to Assistant Branch Manager. She became skilled in the Quick Books computer program and, in 2008, managed bookkeeping duties for two small Williamsburg businesses. Jeanne is married to the Rev. Dr. Robert Melone, Jr., pastor of Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church. Their three grown children are Stefan, Jacob and Kirsten.  Jeanne enjoys knitting, quilting, gardening, and travel.

Sandy Albrecht

Sandy joined Lewinsville’s staff in 2001, after spending 15 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. As Office Manager at Lewinsville, her skills are spread across a wide range of responsibilities. In addition to serving as chief receptionist, she is responsible for the production of all church publications from weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters to annual reports and more. She maintains the church membership database and provides administrative support for Session, the Clerk, pastors, and all ministry groups. When she’s not attending to Lewinsville duties, she enjoys spending time with family, especially granddaughter, Violet.

Steven Kirkland

Steve joined the staff of Lewinsville in 2008. For the ten years immediately preceding, he served in a similar capacity at The Falls Church.  At Lewinsville, he began as Night Sexton, but his duties evolved to include oversight of the entire physical plant.  As Facilities Manager, Steve is the “go to” problem solver on the church staff. He is a native of the District of Columbia whose professional career has always been in Northern Virginia.