The Mission and Service Ministry Group invites you to participate in the annual Alternative Gifts program.  Look for additional information at the Alternative Gifts table in St. Andrews Hall after each Sunday worship service during Advent.

An Alternative Gift is a wonderful and easy way to honor loved ones, friends, teachers, neighbors, service providers, and others on your Christmas gift list and simultaneously provide a tax-deductible gift to support one or more Lewinsville mission projects.  Obtain one of the beautiful Alternative Gift cards for each person you are honoring, and write one check (payable to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church) for your selections.

The Mission and Service Ministry Group is highlighting the following organizations for your special support:  Homestretch, Friends of the Lewinsville (meal subsidy program), United Orphanage and Academy (Moi’s Bridge, Kenya), Falls Church Homeless Shelter, Falls Church – McLean Children’s Center, and S.H.A.R.E.  You may also support any of the other organizations/projects listed in the Lewinsville Mission Handbook.  To learn more about these organizations and reference the Mission Handbook, visit the Alternative Gifts table in St. Andrews Hall each Sunday during Advent (December 3, 10, 17 and 24).


When Christmas shopping, please remember the men of Christ House, a medical facility for homeless men, located in the District of Columbia. The needs are great and continuing.

Sweaters, jackets and coats, caps, and flannel shirts in good condition are needed for Christ House patients and the homeless men who use the Unity Health Care (UHC) shower room at Christ House. New men’s underwear and socks are especially needed for shower program users who must have new underwear in order to visit the Christ House/UHC medical staff.

Unity Health Care also distributes blankets from its van on cold nights to homeless men and women living on the streets. Used blankets, in reasonable condition (frayed or missing binding is OK), may be delivered to the Volunteer Room. Your warm blanket could make a life and death difference! Please, no quilts, bedspreads or comforters.

Just one pair of socks, a package of men’s underwear, or an outgrown sweater will bring comfort and warmth to one of the poorest of Christ’s children. Please be generous in your giving not only at Christmas but throughout the cold winter months. Thank you for your support of this special outreach to those in need of warmth during the winter months.

Additional information: and Point-of-contact: Janet Jacewicz (703) 231-4973.


The Ronda A. Gilliam Clothing Bank, a ministry of Arlington Presbyterian Church, currently located at the Arlington United Methodist Center, Arlington, Va., is in urgent need of infants’ and children’s clothing. The clothing bank provides a much needed service to some of the poorest residents of the South Arlington-Columbia Pike neighborhoods.  There is a critical need for baby clothing, blankets and infant care products. School clothes, including t-shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets, as well as gently used shoes, are in high demand. Jeans and sweatshirts are especially welcomed, as are teen girl items.  Please leave your donations of clean, ready-to-wear clothing in the Volunteer/Mail Room, marked, “Clothing Bank.” A flyer containing additional information about the Ronda Gilliam Clothing Bank, its ministry and needs, is available on the table outside the church office. Many thanks for your contributions to this very special ministry in great need of your help. Contact: Janet Jacewicz (702-231-4973).


Share of McLean needs volunteers to help pick up donated furniture and deliver it to needy individuals and families. Share’s two large box trucks make pick-ups and deliveries on Saturdays. The team on each truck ordinarily includes a driver and two helpers. All three must be healthy and strong enough to lift and carry furniture, including mattresses and box springs, dressers, sofas, and so on. Volunteers interested in driving ideally will have experience driving large trucks. Saturday trips begin at St. Luke Catholic Church at 7001 Georgetown Pike (where our trucks are parked between trips) at 8:30 a.m. and usually are completed around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. Persons interested in volunteering as either drivers or helpers should get in touch with Stew Lingley. Send him an E-Mail message with your full name, home address, home and cell phone numbers, and, if you want to volunteer as a driver, a brief description of your truck-driving experience. No fixed commitment is required. Volunteers are scheduled to work when they are available.


The Children’s Center will be holding a big celebration in May 2018 and they need your help!

The celebration will be on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at 6 pm. It will be a reception followed by dinner and awards.

They need the following helpers:

  • Someone who has creative ideas for how to make a table look great (flowers, a centerpiece that reflects the Center, etc.)
  • Someone who has ideas on how to make the evening fun for people of many generations that companies will be happy to put their names on.
  • Someone to make calls to places that would donate silent auction items. They will need several items of various dollar amounts and interests.
  •  Anyone have a summer home they would be willing to lend for a live auction item?

Please contact Suzi Podhorecki at 703-658-4864 or to volunteer or with any questions.


The Deacons are asking members to sign up to be on a driver list being prepared to assist church members who do not drive or do not drive at night to enable them to attend day and evening church events.   Those who have cars which are accessible for the handicapped would also be useful  on occasion.  For drivers and those needing rides, communicate with the coordination point of contact Carolyn Fisk, at or 703-790-1147.


There are scores of seniors in our area who need help getting to and from their medical and therapy appointments, the pharmacy and grocery store.  The Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church helps them get the transportation they need to get to their appointments. The number of new clients continues to grow at a rapid pace and we need more volunteers to help meet that need.

If you have a heart for seniors and want to help them, please be willing to become one of our new volunteers. To find out more about the Shepherd’s Center and how you can volunteer to provide transportation and other services, please call the Center at (703) 506-2199 or e-mail the Center at The Center’s website is and you can follow us on Facebook.

Have a Heart for the Homeless!

One of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church’s mission partners is the Falls Church Homeless Shelter, which provides warm beds, meals, and counseling to the homeless during the winter months.  The Shelter’s annual fundraising campaign is underway, where we ask you to help keep the shelter running and help them support residents with year-round case management.  Please take a moment now to give to the shelter – CLICK HERE.  You’ll feel good knowing that you are part of a community that works to support those in need.   If you wish to donate by mail, please send your donation to: Falls Church Homeless Shelter, P.O. Box 6979, Falls Church, VA 22040-6979.  Thank you!


Chesterbrook is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. It is an Assisted Living Residence with 97 apartments, located next to Longfellow Middle School on Westmoreland Street. Lewinsville was one of the 3 founding congregations, and has been actively involved from the very beginning. Lewinsville did the first feasibility study over 15 years ago, raised funds and guided it through the construction. Lewinsville had many volunteers in the early years when the apartments weren’t full and they couldn’t afford a full staff. Lewinsville still supports Chesterbrook. Mary Frase, Scott Bartram, and Jim Edmondson serve on its Board of Directors. Betty Yurkewitch helps with office work. Mary Frase, Dale Hodges, and the Volgenaus play bridge with residents. Lewinsville Pastors and associate pastors lead worship and serve communion once a month on Wednesday afternoons. And, Chesterbrook is often one of the recipients of our care on Good Samaritan Days.

Are you interested in volunteering at Chesterbrook? Volunteers can help in the dining room getting residents drinks or dessert, or sit and visit with someone who is alone. Residents love to have people come in to play games or help in the gift shop. They enjoy music if you would like to share your talents. The residents particularly love having people come to share what they do or did for a job, or share pictures and tell about a trip. Or, would you like to be part of the volunteer team and get messages when they have a particular need?

If you are interested in volunteering at Chesterbrook, contact Claire Grossi, 703-893-6989 or Sonja Ellis, the volunteer coordinator at Chesterbrook, 703-531-0781.

Give Generously to the Deacon Fund

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money collected by the Deacons on the first Sunday of each month? Have you even noticed the Deacons standing in the narthex after both services with wicker baskets? To satisfy your curiosity, the Board of Deacons thought it was high time we shed some light on the Deacon Fund and its uses.

The Deacon Fund is set aside to help those who are affiliated with our congregation who are facing some sort of financial hardship and need assistance with bills. In past years, we’ve helped people pay for dental work, moving expenses, car repairs, and more. The Fund is also used by church members who want to attend services but are no longer able to drive. These members are able to pay for their cab fare with money from the Deacon Fund.

When there is no financial need among the congregation, the Board of Deacons will often make
donations to causes supported by Lewinsville. One of the monthly collections each year is dedicated specifically to the LRR Meal Fund. Donations have also been made to SHARE,
Homestretch, the Falls Church Homeless Shelter, Summer Mission Project, and Stop Hunger Now. So the next time you see the smiling face of a Deacon on Sunday morning, please consider giving generously.


It’s the first Sunday of the month when we collect food donations for SHARE. While all contributions of canned or dry food are welcome, SHARE especially needs cooking oil, 100% juice in plastic bottles, sugar, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dish washing soap, laundry detergent, sponges, diapers and tissues. PLEASE NO OPEN OR OUT OF DATE PRODUCTS. Contributions should be left in the Narthex for delivery to SHARE on the first Sunday of every month.  SHARE serves people in our local area.


Extra hands are needed at Christ House Monthly Dinner The Christ House dinner rotation team is looking for a few extra hands to help with our second Sunday of the month dinner preparations for homeless D.C. residents. We’re especially interested in one or two short-term, and/or possibly long-term, food buyers. Someone with access to a DoD commissary would be ideal, although buying at COSTCO also works. The job requires monthly food purchasing for sixty meals (usually chicken, green vegetables and potatoes) and delivery to the Lewinsville kitchen refrigerator, a day or two before the second Sunday of the month. If you think you might be interested in this ministry, please contact Tom Mellor, 703-938-5498 or

MIRIAM’S KITCHEN Needs Mugs, Cereal, and Small Toiletries

Miriam’s Kitchen urgently needs donations of mugs (unused or used in good condition) for their guests. The mugs are used for coffee/tea and cold drinks. Recently when our volunteers have gone to Miriam’s, there were several times during breakfast or dinner when guests had to wait up to 15 minutes for clean mugs. This is a great way to de-clutter your cabinets of those single, gift, or outdated mugs. Please leave mugs in the Volunteer Room in the Miriam’s Kitchen container.

Miriam’s also needs healthy, non-sugary cereals, including regular (not quick-cook) oatmeal in large boxes, to replenish its shelves. Miriam’s is completely dependent on contributions of
cereal because it is too expensive to buy in the quantities needed to feed 150 or more clients five mornings a week and the Food Bank rarely has cereal. Cereal donations can be placed in the SHARE food box in the narthex. Small toiletries (no conditioner or items specifically for
women, please) can also be left in the Miriam’s Kitchen box in the Volunteer Room.

If you are interested in volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen for breakfast on the 4th Friday of the month (6:00-8:15 a.m.) or for dinner on the first Wednesday of the month (4-6:15 p.m.), contact Mary Frase, 703-536-4091 or