GET CONNECTED with our CHURCH FAMILY … responding to human need

During this time of crisis, many in the congregation have asked how they can help others and continue to stay safe by taking advised precautions against the coronavirus.  Please consider helping our mission partners with a donation so that they may continue to serve.


Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center provides early childhood programs to give all young children a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives, regardless of their family’s economic resources. 

How can we help?  Children’s Center Reopening is Imminent! As Fairfax County businesses and institutions move into Phase 3 of post-COVID reopening, the McLean-Falls Church Children’s Center will be reopening their facility to students on Monday, July 13th.  Throughout their 50-year history, the Lewinsville congregation has generously supported the Center’s mission of early childhood development. More than ever, the Center is vitally important to parents whose return to work hinges on reliable care for their pre-K children. 

The Center has undergone a very-thorough cleaning of the entire facility in preparation for children returning.  However, it will take large quantities of consumable supplies to maintain their mission under the expanded cleaning requirements.  Cash donations are much needed, as are any of these “wish list” items:

  • Paper Towels
  • Paper plates and (small) cups
  • Laundry detergent and dish soap
  • Bleach
  • Sponges
  • Ziplock bags in 1 gallon and jumbo sizes
  • Saran Wrap and aluminum foil

An unexpected need is for facemasks in pre-K children’s sizes – preferably cloth masks that can be washed and re-used.  Disposable masks can be used, but they will need approximately 70/day!  If you can donate even a few, that’s very welcome. 

If you wish to shop online, your order can be shipped directly to McLean-Falls Church Children’s Center, 7230 Idylwood Road, Falls Church VA 22043. 


Second Story provides a wide range of programs and services to supporting at-risk youth, young single mothers, and under-served neighborhoods of Fairfax County.

How can we help?  The Lewinsville congregation always has generously supported Second Story’s different support programs to Teens in Crisis, to Young Mothers, and to the local Community Outreach Centers.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they now have some particularly urgent needs to locate additional housing space for youth in crisis and for a specific list of non-cash items.  Please see for more details about what’s needed and who’s being served.  If your preference is to shop online, e.g. Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc, you can have items shipped directly to Second Story, Attn: Christine Bartell, 2100 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182. 


Chesterbrook Residences is having a hard time with the Corona Virus. At least 17 residents and 7 staff have had the virus; several people have died. All of the residents are confined to their apartments with no visitors. This has been going on for 2 months–residents are discouraged. We purchased carnations for them for Mother’s Day and gave them each a few Hershey Kisses another day. We are asking our congregations to chip in for other “goodies” to brighten their day.

We (Volunteer Coordinators and other friends from the Congregations) have decided to try to deliver a little token gift once a week to let the residents know we are still thinking about them and keeping them in our prayers. A cheer committee has set up a schedule of needed items – CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ITEMS. We need 80 of each item. Most can be split so you can purchase an amount that works for you. Here’s the process:

  • First, contact Claire Grossi ( – 703-893-6989) to obtain the shipping address for Nancy Stansberry
  • Go to the items list (link above)
  • Select the item you want to contribute
  • Copy and paste the URL provided into a new brower tab or window to order
  • Go back to the Items list and select the item you are going to order. Click on Submit at the bottom of the page
  • Then go to the other tab and complete the order process.

Any questions, call Claire Grossi, 703-893-6989. Thanks so much!


Do you have access to a sewing machine and in need of something to do? Help out your community and sew surgical gowns for the Kensington Senior Living! The Kensington provides all materials needed to make 10+ gowns and instructional videos and templates for gown creation. You can schedule a no-contact fabric drop off and gown pick up at your front porch. Contact Taylor Tomasso for details: 703-909-1719 or


Homestretch is THE local nonprofit that empowers homeless parents with children to move from homelessness to financial independence and long-term stability. Through Homestretch’s 30-year history of unbelievable success working with homeless parents with children, they continue to do Incredible work leading to Amazing results. Case in point, Homestretch has over a 90% success rate getting their families to be fully independent following a two-year re-entry program – the highest results in the country.  Homestretch saves lives, re-creates families and sets a foundation like no other for self-empowerment.  And Homestretch needs the community’s help now more than ever.  

The novel Coronavirus has hit our homeless families especially hard.  In fact, many Homestretch families in our community have lost jobs, experienced personal setbacks, and have limited access to food and other necessities. There are TWO ways you can help:

First, Homestretch families need grocery store gift cards, VISA gift cards, Uber gift cards, diapers, wipes, paper towels, and toilet paper. CLICK HERE to download the flyer for how to help!


Lewinsville Retirement Residence (LRR) waived the April meal service fee residents pay so the residents have additional financial resources available for emergencies during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The cost of this action is about $35,000 per month. 

How can we help?  To help offset this cost, please consider making a donation of any amount to: Friends of The Lewinsville, Treasurer, 1515 Great Falls St., McLean, VA 22101 with a note that the donation is for “meal program subsidy.”  A tax receipt will be provided for your donation.


Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church helps older adults maintain an independent and safe lifestyle in their own homes by providing visits, calls, and transportation.

How can we help?  Cash donations to their Shepherd’s Fund help meet one-time special needs of clients; Volunteer drivers are always needed to take clients to medical appointments, to grocery stores, and to similar destinations. 


Miriam’s Kitchen serves the Homeless in Washington D.C by providing meals, permanent housing, and supportive services. They have helped house more than 1,570 veterans since 2013! During this Covid-19 Pandemic, they are still serving meals using DHS guidelines with 75 emergency volunteers. But additional help is needed, and you can help in these ways:

  1. Support our emergency response efforts at 
  2. We need fresh fruit and creamers and plasticware. Check out our Meals Program COVID-19 Amazon Wishlist  
  3. Tell your friends and family so they can support us too. 
  4. We can always use more masks and hand sanitizer. 


SHARE meets the emergency needs of our neighbors in McLean and nearby.  The groups SHARE serves include the working poor, disabled persons, the homeless, recent immigrants, and the elderly as well as those facing a crisis such as illness, job loss or other family emergency.

How can we help?  Food donations can simply be left in SHARE’s outside donation bins at SHARE (McLean Baptist Church), 1367 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA, 22101—a safe method of giving.  For other ways to help, please visit