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What We Do Next

Sunday, February 20, 2022
7th Sunday after Epiphany

11:00 am – Worship Service
Sermon: What We Do Next – Rev. Jen Dunfee, preaching
Scripture: Jonah 3; Matthew 25:31-33, 41-46

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FEBRUARY SERMON SERIES – Matthew 25: No Easy Answers Here!

In the summer/fall of 2020, Lewinsville’s Session voted to become a Matthew 25 congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Matthew 25 initiative has three pillars: dismantling structural racism, eradicating systemic poverty, and building congregational vitality. Lewinsville has chosen to focus especially on understanding and addressing the realities of racism – in ourselves, in the church and community, and in the world.

During the month of February, as part of our commemoration of Black History Month, we will be taking a “deep dive” into Matthew 25:31-46, listening for what it has to teach us about our relationships with vulnerable people in our society, with issues of race, and with Jesus. There are no easy answers in Matthew 25! No matter where we fall on any political spectrum, we may expect to be challenged, and we may expect to have our understandings – of Jesus, of race, and of ourselves – turned upside down. Through Matthew 25, Jesus will lead all of us into deeper honesty, deeper repentance, and deeper humility. Honesty, repentance, and humility – what gifts!

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